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Hello, My names Elliot and im 15 years of age.
Im not one hundred percent on what this forum is for but.. It seems like a safe place that I can try to get some advice.. ever since I can remember, Ive kinda had a thing for older guys. It always puts me in a pretty bad situation most of the time. And when I was 12 I actually had a guy find my address.. and try to hunt me down, Later on I found out that he was a sexual predator. But anywho. Ive been talking to this guy lately, hes 26 years old.. yes thats 11 years older.. Weve never met one another, We talk every night.. for hours. He has a pretty busy work schedule.. so I find it nice of him to use up his spare time just talking to me. anyway, Him and I have come to the conclusion that were not going to date because of our age differences for the time being. Ive never felt this way about anyone. I even said to him, I dont want to get in the way of your life.. And i just want you to be happy. So just do what youve been doing. And well two days after I said that.. he told me he had a date in 2 nights. out of curioustiy I asked who the guy was.. and he refused to tell me. He said he knows how I am.. and how id beat myself up because id sit there and compare myself to the guy.. Hes right, I was on his facebook wall today and saw that some guy posted "I cant wait to see you today".. So I had asked the guy .. what he was doing today, and he said gym pool, and talking to you. Yet this person on facebook thinks there.. meeting up today? I understand I cant be mad at him because.. I said I just want him happy.. But all the time he continues to tell me, oh your so sweet. Your the cutest boy Ive ever seen. And how he wish's I was with him all the time. snuggling up together. Hes really confusing me :/ Im unsure what he wants.. and im unsure where I Stand. Ive been having alot of problems with my depression lately.. and hes been the only one there to listen to me. I dont see how I couldnt form a sort of attraction to him.. :/ anyone have some advice.. (he lives 3 hours away..) just a little confused. If anyone wants to talk message me for my aim..

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Welcome to Oasis...

You have found the right resource.

In the future, it would be more readily seen by others if you'd post under the Journals heading.

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Check your PMs.

Check your PMs.