According to my AP Euro book, Renaissance Italians did not believe in lesbians.

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I'm serious. It has this whole huge section on homosexuality. It's mostly about the men, though, because it says, "Theological and 'scientific' teaching held that women could not have erotic pleasure without a man."

Wow, and here I am wondering how on Earth heterosexual sex could possibly be any fun! Hahaha!

Please, someone put me out of my misery. I hate chemistry class. Oh, my god. I haaaate chemistry class. It's not even Old Crush or how boring it is or anything like that. No. It's what we're doing right now.

Math. Tons and tons and tons of math. No calculators allowed. Fuck. My. Life. My math skills are beyond abominable. It's like I see numbers, and my brain just shuts down. I can do every other subject, and I can do them exceptionally well, but I just can't seem to get any form of math. It's like I'm looking at the Russian alphabet or something. I am sorry, but I am afraid I cannot divide 12.34253 grams by 2.3425373658 millimeters without a calculator. My brain just does not work that way.

Speaking of math, my old geometry teacher from last year thinks that since I am now taking algebra, it's okay to poke fun at my pathetic math abilities. She's my homeroom teacher, and I still have her in another class, so I still see her. This morning, someone mentioned how they thought their geometry test would be easy, and she said, "Oh, well I'm afraid Super Duck would disagree if she took geometry this year! Hahaha! Math is so not her subject!"

I'm not really doing much better at algebra. I'm getting good homework grades, but that's because the teacher's personal grading system is... Well, it has a lot of holes in it, that's for sure! We had a pop quiz today. I was, of course, completely and totally unprepared. I did, however, experience a rare moment of brilliance. I guessed on 3 questions and got them all right. We haven't had a test yet, and I know that when we do, I'll have to say goodbye to my 95 for sure.

School is no fun at all when French Class Girl is sick... I have nothing to look forward to, so the day just drags on and on and on. Is this what it's going to be like when she graduates? Will it really be two years of nothing but boredom? Oh, my god, no! NOOOO! I cannot bear to imagine such a thing! We have to find a replacement French Class Girl. If we don't, I will probably keel over dead of boredom within the first week.