And the debacle begins.

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Homecoming is approaching, which is rather stressful.

I have had to wear a dress for the past 2 years and it has been hell.

What I want to do is wear slacks, white shirt, and tie but alas, my mother disapproves.

She says I can wear pants, but they have to be dressy. Aka girly.

clothes have always been an issue between us and I think it's ridiculous. I know she wants me to look my best, but is it too much to ask for being both comfortable and look good?

When I wear dresses or skirts, I feel so uncomfortable... I just want to crawl out of my skin.

Homecoming is already going to suck because I don't like to dance and it's shitty music regardless... I'm only going for my friends...

All in all it sucks and I wish I could convince my mom to letting me wear a tie.

Anybody have advice?


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What you do, is change at a friends house, or, have them take clothes to the dance and change in the bathroom.

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I hadn't thought of that.

dude that's genius.

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I just try to figure things out for people ^^ glad to have helped

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I was actually going to

I was actually going to suggest that, I did it all the time when I didn't want my parents to know I shaved my legs and wanted to wear shorts, ahah.

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I'm a little slow...

It took me some time to realize that you meant leaving your shorts at a friend's house...

I can understand the appeal, however. But verbalizing it remains a challenge...