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I managed to get my mom to cooperate, and I now have a "doctor's appointment" at 2 P.M. tomorrow. Note the quotation marks. My plan to skip the dreaded pep rally has succeeded! Now if I can just skip the next 4 or so, I'll be all good. I'm sure they'd get suspicious if I suddenly had various health issues every time we had a pep rally, though.

Why do I hate pep rallies so much? Well, the ones at my school are insufferably lame. If you've sat through one, you've sat through them all. The gym has no air conditioner, and having the entire middle school and high school packed in there does not help things. I have absolutely no school spirit, and most of our cheerleaders aren't even that cute, anyway! There is, however, one thing that makes me want to avoid them like the plague. That, my friends, is the game. (Haha, I'm sorry!) No, not that game, the pep rally game. They always have a stupid game in which someone from each grade is randomly selected to have to play. There is no fate regarded as more horrifying than being picked for the game. If you are picked, you must go and embarrass yourself in front of the entire student body. Oh, yes. I've never been picked, but there is a first time for everything.

Man, I really hate my school. I guess that's fairly obvious, though. Nice teachers are rare. Many of the ones I have this year are either passive-aggressive bitches or they treat their classroom like it's Nazi Germany and instate some kind of freaky, totalitarian dictatorship from Hell. I like two of them, and that's about it.

Anyway, enough school ranting! I'm sure you guys all want the latest French Class Girl report. In French class, she told me all about the time she saw her dream girl, although she didn't call her that. I think the phrase "the most gorgeous girl in the universe" pretty much qualifies, though. Of course, she described the girl's hair in very, very vivid detail. She then proceeded to fart and blame it on Irritating Girl.

The best part of the day, though, was when she and IG told me that they found one of my friends to be quite cute. This friend is female. Immediately after school I gathered up all my other friends who knew about FCG, ran up to her, and broke the news. I have never seen someone look so horrified in all my life.

Her: What's going on? Why is everyone gathered around me...?
Other Friend: Tell her, Super Duck.
Me: My freakazoids think you're cute.
Her: ((gaping, open-mouthed expression of abject horror))

Oh, my god, now I can't let her go anywhere alone at school or else they might jump her and attempt to make her their bitch or something. That seems like a very FCG-ish thing to do, you know.


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I don't <i>like</i> pep assemblies...

But I'm not sure I'd go to that great of lengths to avoid them. They are really hot and stuffy, though. I really don't like them.

No one escapes from life alive

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Big problem... HTML tags don't work in the subject line :(

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about the pep rallies, I was unfortunate ehough to get piavked though, it was terrible, and my school has this yelling contest and we had to yell our classes graduating years, and whomever was loudest won...what did we win you ask?soar throats and headaches, thats it :(
have fun avoiding the next 4

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Lots of people skipped the

Lots of people skipped the pep rally today... In my post, I said my school is occasionally run like it's Nazi Germany. Today was one of those times. They were going to literally call roll for everyone in the entire school and make sure no one was skipping or else there would be consequences. Smart people, however, planned ahead and had a cooperating parent feign an appointment. You know what I think its weird? They treat their pep rallies like they're sacred, and yet no one gives a shit if people skip academic assemblies. Hmm.