Aww, freakazoids!

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So, there has been this lady coming to my school for the past few days. She sits in classrooms and scribbles things in her notebook. I guess she's evaluating the teachers or something. Today, she came to my French class. I thought Irritating Girl and French Class Girl would behave themselves, but I was wrong. As soon as they started being all touchy-feely with each other, the lady stared. I sooo want to see what she wrote in her notebook.

FCG wasn't even the main event of today, though. I have a friend who takes French 1. The teacher randomly decided to tell his class about mine today. This is what she apparently said:

"There are these two girls in my French 2 class who absolutely cannot keep their hands off of each other. They are constantly playing with hair, fixing each other's shirts, and whispering to one another. They're just allll over each other ALL THE TIME! It's so annoying! I try to teach, and they just won't stop... pecking at one another..."

"Pecking at one another"? HAHAHA! That is a very interesting way to describe it for sure. My friend started laughing, and the teacher was confused about why he was laughing.

Him: FCG and IG, right?
Teacher: Yeah... How did you know?
Him: I talk to Super Duck.
Teacher: I like Super Duck. She's not weird.
Him: She tells me about her French class adventures every day.
Teacher: I can definitely see why!

That was pure amazingness. Even the French teacher is telling the great tales of French class! I wonder if she ever tells like, her family and friends about my class. I know I tell EVERYONE! I'm always going to spread the awesomeness that is my idiotic French class. EVERYONE DESERVES TO KNOW!

I missed FCG's stupidity while she was sick! Today, she went off into a rant because she couldn't figure out why people call her a racist when she says really racist-y things. I wonder what's next, ranting about people calling her a lesbian?

My aforementioned friend said he saw FCG giving IG a "massage" in the hallway today. And by "massage," he meant that she was rubbing her bra strap and stuff. He calls me most days, and my mom always steals the phone to talk to him because he's her favorite out of all my friends. Today, when I picked up the phone, he answered in a falsetto-type voice and pretended to be FCG.


That's about it, really... Oh, I'm currently trying to devise a plan to avoid Friday's pep rally. I hate those things.


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Mmmm massages

I love massages, both giving and receiving. I hope all their clothes stayed on?

No one escapes from life alive

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Haha, I hope so... I think

Haha, I hope so... I think he would've mentioned if they didn't, so hopefully there was no stripping in the hallway. I'm sure it happens before FCG graduates, though. D:

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Your Preference?

I don't know about you... but I'd find this oppressively (i.e., uncomfortably) restraining! You are 14... right?

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I look forward to your

I look forward to your journals. I find myself telling people about my quasifriend super duck and the annoying FCG.

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That is awesome! :D

That is awesome! :D

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im confused.

yes, i love these little stories too. though im slightly confused. summer?? are yall still in the same class or what??

Life is easily complicated.

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School started a few weeks

School started a few weeks ago for me. FCG managed to drop out of French for a day, and I was devastated. Then, the day after she left, my teacher grimly informed me that FCG would be joining us again. I don't think "YES" was the reaction she was looking for...

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Haha. Nice. I love these

Haha. Nice. I love these stories as well. Haha. Super Duck stories are the best.

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Haha, why thank you! :)

Haha, why thank you! :)

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seriously though. YOU HAVE


luff ew

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Luff yew (and everyone on this site! yaaay!) tew :D

I so should! I'd love to write a book about my French class experience. It would be hilarious if it turned into a bestseller or something.

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I'd buy it! I also love all

I'd buy it!
I also love all of your FCG stories. They brighten my day! :)

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:D I'm glad they do!

:D I'm glad they do! Experiencing the FCG stupidity brightens my day.