Braces are so hot!

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Well, we had our first day today, my first of high school. I'm already loving it.
Although, I hope that the honors trig teacher doesn't give out as much homework as I think she might. If she does, that book will beat out my brains. At least we get books soon so I don't have to do assignments online, which makes me go really slow and gives me serious headaches. I don't like reading screens.

And, I can already tell Health will be my most entertaining class eva! The teacher is extremely politically correct. I only hope that it doesn't turn into some support group for me, being gay. I'd do major murder-suicide in that case. I probably shouldn't even mention it. They might try to help...
But, the teacher says that everyone has the right to not be offended. That's freakin WTF ridiculous! If someone calls something gay, I don't take offense. Like it or not, I'm in a minority, of about 5%. People will go on assuming I'm straight, and I'll have to deal, because the minority I'm in is simply too small to have to check everything you say for. We all get offended from time to time. I could hardly keep from laughing the whole time.

I'm gettting braces! Yay! Braces are so hot! Well, not today. I went there today, and should have gotten them, but my dentist didn't schedule an appointment, so my orthodontist told me that I'm overdue on a dentist appointment, and need that before I get braces. The dentist appointment is next Thursday, and I get braces soon after.
Actually, I only get them on the top, for a while.
For 6 months I have top braces, then 6 months in they add in a huge bulky retainer called a double block, which is a huge mouthful. That thing scares me... I hope it's hot too.
Then, a year from now, I lose the double block, and get bottom braces, for another year.
2 year plan. Well, 2 years from now... I've already been going for like 5 years and had an expander, braces and a different retainer.

Well, I hope I get that sexy double block and my hair grows back and I'll be so hot!


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Braces hurt. :C I had them

Braces hurt. :C I had them for 3 years from 5th to 8th grade.

If I had to do homework online, I'd never remember to do it...

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its true....

the braces did bring me to tears one time,

More people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, my friends, that is true perversion.
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I started going to the

I started going to the orthodontist when I was 8. I got braces right before I started school freshman year and I got them off between prom and graduation my senior year. I think I was cuter with my braces than without. I miss them.

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Yeah... Hot!

If by "hot" you mean irresistibly sexy.

This may oblige you to carry a bit more weaponry... well-hidden, of course :)

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chad is irresistible sexy. i cant imagine anything boosting it.

More people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, my friends, that is true perversion.
-Harvey Milk

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Work On It...

...I think braces will send you over the edge!

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Yeah... Trigonometry!

Decide… here and now… that this is going to be a very exciting course! (I'm not presenting my often facetious persona.)

You'll learn how to prove such mind-boggling facts as:

Sin² Θ + Cos² Θ = 1 Always (at least for plane surfaces).

Only one other activity could be more fun :)

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Anything but math! DX

And braces are super sexy. I have had my share of time with the sexyness.

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Pity :(

Math is perfection!

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Oh...I absolutely LOVED

Oh...I absolutely LOVED doing that proof, especially since my teacher let me do it by myself instead of having to work with the class....the class was slow.
just seeing that mentioned has made me happy :D
Yes, I'm just that crazy.

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i actually miss my

i actually miss my braces...>.> haha

o.o i totally thought you were older than me...>.>'

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