Cheez-its Should Get Off Their High Horse

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The little kitten from the last journal let me touch its back today! It's so fuzzy and adorable! I can't wait until it lets me hug it! I wish I knew what to name it, but like I said, I'm not entirely sure if it's a boy or a girl. I think it's a little boy, but I wasn't close enough to see for sure.

Weekends always go by too fast. I never actually do anything worthwhile, but I like not being stressed by school. I wish they lasted longer...

I wish I had a girlfriend. Like, really badly. I haven't even the slightest clue as to how to get one or where to even find one, though. This makes me sound desperate, which, in turn, makes me feel stupid. I just want someone to cuddle with right now. :'(

French Class Girl seems to have gotten yet another girl to like her, going by facebook comments. (Oooh, and this is a college girl!) I wonder how she does it! I need to gain this ability. I wish girls liked me.

My sister was being an awful brat today. She just wouldn't shut up for more than five seconds, and she kept running away in stores! Ugh! I really can't deal with little kids. I hate having to live with one. I just don't have the patience. If I ever had a child, I believe I'd make it about a week before having to be hauled off to an asylum.

It's soooo late, and yet I don't feel like going to sleep. I feel pretty off lately, for lack of a better term. Just... Not right, I guess. Not necessarily bad, just off.


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In the absence of real-world cuddles, perhaps an e-hug will help. :-)

It's neat that you're taming the kittens though. I don't have a girlfriend OR kittens in my backyard. *sigh* Actually, I've read that cats have to have human contact as kittens or they're not good pets later, so you may be doing the whole kitty family a service. :-)

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Thank you! :) Anything

Thank you! :) Anything helps.

I've heard that too... I hope maybe I can keep the kitties if I tame them enough.

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Mmm, cuddles, eh?

If only I was there ;D I'm the cuddle queen! Bwahaha :3

Blargh, whack that brat upside the head! She needs it D<
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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She ESPECIALLY needed it

She ESPECIALLY needed it tonight. She threw a huge, screaming, stomping, hitting fit because popsicles are not allowed in my car.