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My new favorite word.

Jeez, I hate Health. I mean, the idea isn't bad, a class to teach students about the facts of life.
But it would be better if the class wasn't so obviously made by old white christian conservative men. For one, bullying and crap is mentioned but sexuality doesn't appear in there at any point. I've looked.

But more than that, these old white christian conservative men are like most old white christian conservative men in that they have this idea that they are here on the healthy, good side of life, "wholesome" (I despise that word most of all) side of life, and on the other side there are these young black agnostic liberal boys, who live a terrible life of mindless sex, dangerous drugs, and endless violence and guns.

But these old white christian conservative men don't want that, and they wanted to help the small weak people with no self control, so they, in their infinitely pretentious wisdom decided to write a textbook to demonize all those things, in the apparent thought that if they just tell you not to do things enough, eventually you'll dig the earwax out of your ears and everyone will listen and be as healthy and "wholesome" as they are.

And at the same time, they decided to make creative and either shocking or humorous posters to help.
Then all these old white christian conservative men sat in their various offices and sat and thought about how good they feel that soon the world will be so wholesome, and how much they did to help it, and then they sat down with their old white christian conservative wives at a long elegant table with all the other old white christian conservative couples and had a very humorous discussion about Grey's Anatomy.

Hooray for the pretentious pricks.


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Clapping... (Both Hands)

But on a pedagogical aside... when encountering a new word, I like to see it used in a typical sentence. Any chance that you might oblige? It would be quite helpful :)

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private school?

my health class in junior high mentioned sex, drugs, effects, gayness, all of it. not that we went into too much detail on the gay end/ drugs thing in our small, conservative town, but still.

i wonder.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Oh gosh Health...

My health class never brought up gayness. I brought it up. That was a surprise to my health teacher... XD (and once we got to sex ed. All those various worksheets with the 'If my boy/girlfriend did this...' I'd cross out the word 'girlfriend' every single time.) ^.^