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Does anyone have a favorite "ship" or favorite fanfiction genre? Why?
I'll read just about anything with Willow (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), because she's so confident about who she loves, even though at first glance she's portrayed as nothing more than a shy nerd. I love Gelphie (from Wicked, either book or musical verse) because it's so obvious, yet everyone denies it. Come on, how could they really miss the significance of "What is this Feeling?" (Loathing=Loving)

I'm sorry if this topic has been exhausted already, but I haven't been on the forum in a long time.

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10 minutes qualifies as a "long time"?

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Well, I posted two things

Well, I posted two things yesterday, and this was the second of the two. Before yesterday it had been a year or so, and back then I just sort of lurked anyway.

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Also in Wicked "Defying

Also in Wicked "Defying Gravity"....essentially "do you want to ditch the government and that ridiculous dude and run away with me? No, I can't sorry." I disliked Glenda for that....
I never actually read fanfiction, but all of my friends (and my mother) do and they having been telling me about the glory that is fanfiction......

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I see what you mean about

I see what you mean about Defying Gravity. I definitely recommend getting into fanfics if you have a lot of time on your hands. But if you're insanely busy, don't do it unless you have incredible self discipline - because you'll get sucked into them once you start reading.

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I read it only sometimes,

I read it only sometimes, but there is one that I am absolutely in LOVE WITH. The Shoebox Project is soooo good, it's about the Mauraders in Harry Potter and it's novel length. It's hilarious and sweet and very realistic. Sirius/Remus is my secret OTP. :p

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Never heard of it - sounds

Never heard of it - sounds like a good read. The Harry Potter fandom has a lot of talent...maybe because of the sheer volume of writing that people crank out?

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At your recommendation, I

At your recommendation, I have started reading this, and so far I like it. The characters and their emotions are well portrayed, although there are several errors in the details, but these are not important. Fanmade fiction is not generally my thing, actually I try to avoid it, but sometimes there is an honorable one among the tripe. The other Harry Potter fanmade anything I would recommend is 'A Very Potter Musical' - Dumbledore comes very close to ruining it, but Voldemort and Quirrell more than compensate. Voldemort and Quirrell! So cute et cetera!

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Ahhh :D I love A Very Potter Musical, especially Quirrel and Voldemort; they were my favourite part of the play. I wouldn't have thought that such canon inaccurate characters would grow on me so much, but Voldemort was actually very endearing..... but his torso was distracting. >.< haha

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I used to read Padme/Anakin Star Wars fan fiction.

*runs away*

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not.

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'Attack of the Clones' is

'Attack of the Clones' is Padme/Anakin Star Wars fan fiction.... except that it was made by the real makers and not the fans... but quality-wise, yeah, just obscenely-high-budget fan fiction. That movie sucked intensely. Rant over.

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*cough cough* I write Liley.

*cough cough* I write Liley. ^_^; (Miley/Lilly, from Hanna Montana. But I promise I don't write about their 12 year old selves, because that's just. Ew. 16+ only.)