For the next year I shall live on tea

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Every time before I start homework, I take a shower, get into my robe, brew some tea (decaf of course), and start some peppy music.
I have a feeling that by the time high school season starts, this routine, if I can find the time for it, which I sure hope I can, will be about the only thing that keeps me from beating my brains out on my desk.
It makes it seems so much nicer to do homework.

I suggest you listen to The Beatles Obladi Oblada. That is a song that just makes me optimistic from just listening to it.


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Yeah... That One!

That was also one of my favorites... along with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

Regrettably... I can remember when they came out :(

And... let the tea be green and home brewed --- not bottled! Sorry, but don't think there is a blue tea :)

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I love listening to that

I love listening to that song! It gets stuck in my head a lot. :P It's very fun though.

Tea is fantastic... I should make tea more often because it is very relaxing. Oh, and chai tea is the best. =D I can make some kickass chai tea when I feel like it.