Get To Know Your Peers

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I actually slept last night, which was good.
But I had the weirdest dreams... in one I was doing some sort of "get to know your peers" exercise but instead of having us get into groups based on favorite ice cream flavor, or something usual like that, the authorities (whoever they were) had us get into groups based on sexuality, and there was a pathetically small quantity of lesbians, and my crush (who in my dream didn't even look like herself, but I knew it was her) joined the group of straight people and I wasn't remotely upset and then my crush turned into me (yeah, as I said, weird dream) and I woke up and was like "What on earth was that about?"
Back to real life.
I was reminded today (by I don't know what) that I only actually know one other lesbian and I just barely know her...she was in the grade above me and I've only ever had I think 2 conversations with her in my life...which should be a statistical impossibility but there you have it. I have two close friends who are bi, but no friends who are gay (other than myself, and I'm only my friend some of the time) I really hope this changes in high school, which starts tomorrow.
Oh, and in high school, I'm joining the GSA. I just hope my parents don't give me shit about that.
Wow. That was random.