Girl problems, suprising? (not)

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So ive been with this girl, for around 2 years now.. shes absolutly amazing, i mean ive never ever tried as hard as i have with her, ive never put so much into anything. And i find that she puts the same exact if not more effort into me. Well she went to collge last weekend,, far away from me (Shes brilliant).

One of her really close guy friends also is near by and she admitted to me that she liked him the other day. This of course hurts like hell knowing they are so close and im so far.. So im basically completely out of control. Since shes told me things have been a little off. We fought because "i dont understand" but i do, she likes him, hes there, he makes her feel safe. But what i dont get is how she thinks this "doesnt effect me".. when it breaks me to pieces..

Im not sure weather to be understanding and waiting for this to hopefully pass or to be really upset and voice in my opinion even though its rather harsh.

Help? what do i do when the one ive fallen for has now admitted to likeing my best friend, but claiming it hasnt a thing to do with me.. but yet shes thousands of miles away from me. and hes 10 min down the road..


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Problem Is...

...the circumstance-appropriate solution would be immolation.

Regrettably... that remains illegal in many parts of this world :)

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well then

I think the problem is distance, sadly it doesn't work for some people Like me, It does suck, and hurt like hell, I know from experience, but you have to get through it somehow :/ I'm here though, if you need someone to talk to.