Grounded for Life

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Another long story starting in the distant past. This past even more distant, actually. I hope the story won't be as long.

This one starts more than five years ago. I was in sixth grade, I think. I decided one day (although in my mind I had been considering the idea for quite some time) to leave the kid with whom I had been best friends since about kindergarten or first grade and to hang out with a different crowd.

The next day, my mother bought me flowers. And I've been functionally grounded ever since.

If I did start acting up now, I don't know what the parental authority figures could do to me. They can't take away my cell phone, or my television privileges, or withhold the car keys, or tighten my curfew, or forbid me from going on social outings, or even send me to my room to make no noise and pretend that I'm not there. The usual teenage punishments are all rendered irrelevant.

Why? Because I'm living that way already. I come home immediately after school, hole myself up in my room, making no noise and pretending I'm not there. I never get invited to social outings, I'm always home by half past three in the afternoon, I have no cell phone, I don't watch television, and I can't drive. I live like somebody who has had all his (that's a grammatical his, not reflecting my gender) privileges taken away already. All because I chose to hang out with the good kids when I was twelve.

Not only do I passively submit to this lifestyle, I have trouble imagining the alternatives. I know so little about them that I don't know whether they're even worth considering. I kind of suspect that they aren't, but that could just be my sheltered ignorance. Or maybe all introverts live the same way I do, but just get none of the publicity the extroverts get.

Kind of ironic, though. Grounded for Life is supposed to be the ultimate punishment, the one you only get if you do something really, really, spectacularly bad. And here I got it for being 'good.' Funny old world, isn't it?


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Funny In the Bizzarre

Yes, it is funny.
In a way I am the exact opposite. I have TOO much to do. (Things that I can't control of the amount I have) So if I were to act up my parents couldn't take anything away from me either.
Does that make any scense?

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I am held up with stuff that

I am held up with stuff that I can't get rid of. Like School, work, clubs, band. That I have no freetime. So if I were to act out my parents wouldn't be able to punish me in any way because they can't take away school, or work, or clubs, or band.
Did I explain that any better? (It all make scense in my mind, but then I try writing out it's just gibberish)

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Oh. Okay. Yeah, that makes

Oh. Okay. Yeah, that makes sense.

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Not really related, but the

Not really related, but the title of your post, Grounded for Life, is a really funny tv show.

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I've only been grounded

I've only been grounded once, and it was because I was acting up really bad. Sneaking out of my house at 4 in the morning, returning late the next day, with my parents not knowing where in the world I was.

However... I managed to come to an agreement with my parents. They've come to realize that keeping me at home only makes me want to break free even more. I can't stand just being at home, quietly, not doing anything. Mainly because I hate being alone and I hate thinking too much and enough interaction prevents that. So basically, my new rules are that I can essentially do whatever I please as long as I ask nothing from my parents and they know where I am and who I'm with. I usually end up lying anyways, though.

On an unrelated note... Do you have a photo of your skull collection? I'm quite curious about it.

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See, I wouldn't even know where if I snuck out and didn't return until long after. The sneaking out would be no problem - I would have done it already if it weren't for the fact that at four in the morning, or eight in the morning, or even ten in the evening for that matter, there's nowhere I'd rather be than in my own bed.

I do have a photo of my skull collection, although not all the skulls are visible in it, and I also have photos of some of the highlights - okay, all the highlights, but it depends how you define highlights (gophers aren't highlights; pretty much everything else is arguable) - but I don't know how to upload photos to this site, or where to put them, or any of the things one needs to know to share photos.

(...Resisting the temptation to go into a long-winded list of many of my skulls and the stories behind them... resisting....)