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Mr. English told us that being in honors English will automatically make it by far our hardest class.
So far, at least, trig has been WAY harder. English has had little homework. Trig has had at least between 1-2.5 hours of homework daily.
Trig is obviously the new biology, that class that everything else is moderately difficult, but there's that one class that just beats your brains out.


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Be in NORMAL Trig with me! My god, it's so easy! I'm the top of the class right now, I think XD The girl next to me and the guy behind me though, do not agree. They spend all the period going "OH MY GOD DO YOU GET THIS" "OH NO, I DON'T GET THIS AT ALL" instead of asking for help.

I think my new Biology is Chemistry. It's much harder to me :(
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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My Not Commenting: Intentional

But I can't let this pass.

Swimmerguy thrives on being challenged!

I feel that his changing to a less challenging class would be a grievous error.

On the other hand... you probably should be in his class. Move, if you can!

BTW, the main source of difficulty with trigonometry (and all future math courses) lies in the mysterious new terminology and symbols. They can be quite intimidating... but very needlessly!

All of the symbols are nothing more than shorthand notations for specific operations. If the translations were used, there'd be no difficulty!

Once this concept is accepted, the remainder should become just fun and games.

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I'm not the only one getting my brain beaten out in Trig :D
I think that hearing our WHOLE YEAR'S worth of homework in one hour is what made English seem like the hardest class, but Trig is indeed the new Biology. Unless Chemistry becomes the new Bio.
I'll have to try what Elph said, with the 'intimidating terminology is just shorthand for operations' thing.

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Believe Me!

All of those new symbols can be extremely intimidating!

I think the typical student's response is, "This is just too much for me to even begin to comprehend!" So wrong!!!

A good teacher would spend some class time to disabuse you of any notion that the subject is beyond your ability to comprehend.

Treat trigonometry as a game... with a few new rules!

You will soon find it exhilarating to play... and win!