High school teachers are awesome!

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So there's my honors English teacher, who I shall call Mr. English.
He's like, really funny. He's not exactly...peppy, but he is pretty funny, and he makes class enjoyable.

Then there's German teacher, who shall be Frau German.
Frau German Teacher is like, really, really really peppy. Every answer, even if wrong, is a reason for celebration. Maybe she overdoes it a bit, but I really like her, and she's a good teacher.

Then there's orchestra teacher, or Mr. Orchestra. He's really passionate, and also really funny. He might rival with Mr. English teacher. No, I think Mr. Orchestra Teacher takes the cake. He's a very interesting guy. But he has ways of making the class exciting and awesome. One of my favorite.

Then there's honors trig teacher, or Ms. Trig. She's a little more toned down, and a lot less peppy than Frau German or Mr. Orchestra. Although I'm not sure who's peppier... Maybe Frau German is more peppy, and Mr. Orchestra is more passionate and funny. Yeah.
ANYWAY... She's still nice and exciting enough, and probably one of my favorite teachers, although I might be biased because I LOVE math. She's also fairly funny, although not as much as Mr. English or Mr. Orchestra.

Then, there's honors chem teacher, or Ms. Chemistry. She's probably my least favorite teacher, and my least favorite class, although I like chemistry a LOT too. I mean, I don't really dislike her at all, I just don't like her a whole lot. For one, she has a lazy eye, and, while she's not mean or overly strict, she also adds in no cheer. I come in and say "well good afternoon, Ms. Chemistry!". She looks over and is like "oh, hi".
She just sort of dishes out the assignments and lets us do them.
Also, one time, she told us to get out a lab, and then while we did so she just LEFT, and we sat there for 5 minutes wondering where she went, then she came back and started talking like nothing had happened. She's funny, although not intentionally.

Finally 6th period is health class, taught by our very own Ms. Health.
She's probably a close second to Ms. Chemistry, as she is kinda strict about us listening raptly. If she's talking, we have to be looking directly at her, and doing nothing else.
Also, she tries a little too hard to make class safe... I won't even explain that.
I don't dislike her, and I kinda like her, but still.

Well, well, these are still some of the coolest teachers I've ever had, although 8th grade teachers were beast too.
I'm not sure we'll have as much fun as we did in 8th grade, cough cough, Ms. Language Arts and Social Studies.
But, I'm sure I'll still have a lot of fun in high school, and this year too.
I can't wait!

P.S. The bassist in orch is REALLY HOT.


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That Bassist!

Please tell us more about him.

Normally, I'd expect the violins and the basses to be located on opposite sides of the orchestra. My guess is that such placement would present one advantage (physical) for you... and one disadvantage (obscured view).

(Am I being too presumptuous by assuming that the bassist possesses one X and one Y chromosome?)

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We have a REALLY BIG violin section, and I've at the very edge of it, so I sit about in the exact middle of the orchestra, so he's not too far away.
And Mr. Orchestra uses him for putting away chairs, and tuning, and otherwise teases him and gives him attention, which gives me many oppurtunities to stare, (which was how I noticed him) as I have to turn my head most of the way around, and it would be awkward without there being some focus on him.

And, as I have been using masculine pronouns, I'm sure you can guess that yes, this bassist is a guy.
If it was a girl, believe me, you would know. That would be a much larger revolution than just a hot bassist. If I really get into a girl somewhere, I'll mention it.

No one escapes from life alive

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That's What I Admire:

No self-doubt!

But... you've aroused my interest! Why do you suspect Mr. Orchestra teases him? Is it with some justification?

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i bet chad would love to get some of that basset ;D

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Oh... Such Predilections... :)

Surely not a basset hound?

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Maybe it has something to do with "Doggy-style"?
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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This journal just sounds so funny to me i'm sorry