how many of you pick icons based on....

5% (1 vote)
to fit 'your clique'
0% (0 votes)
M.O.M.(Mood Of Moment, NOT Ministry Of Magic!)
16% (3 votes)
for humour
11% (2 votes)
to fit your personality
68% (13 votes)
Total votes: 19


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ps, comment on how many do can pick more than one...

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez addams

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It's sort of none of these

I set my icon as whatever picture I drew lately but I guess that fits my personality...
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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personality all the way! ^.^

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I haven't changed my icon

I haven't changed my icon since I signed up here I think... haha. I was like, 12 at the time...

It's something I threw together on some drawing program ages ago, I don't even know how I did it... But I thought it looked cool so I made it my icon... I've never felt the need to change it... So I haven't. I like the idea that because I've had the same icon for so long, people can kind of just associate it with me...

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^ kinda like that. I used

^ kinda like that. I used paintbrushes on photoshop.