"Hurray for Zoidberg!"

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Guess who's excited? Me.
All I have to do is this week, through Thursday. We have no school on Friday.
And then it just gets better and better.
I have a three day weekend, and then on Sunday is the 26th, which will be sure to be one of the best freakin days of my life! I'm sure you know why, mr. ferrets has mentioned it at one point.

But unfortunately, as excited as I am for next weekend, I'm also FREAKIN excited for the weekend after. I has a SWIM MEET!
That may not sound exciting, but now is my first oppurtunity to get a champs time, when I know what they are and what to go for. I have my victory statement planned out already.
"Hurray for Zoidberg!" You know, cause I'm Zamzow, and we're both Z's, and professor Zoidberg is my favorite character from my favorite show, Futurama, and that's my favorite thing he says.

Well, and I'm also excited for the swim meet because I haven't been at one for like 3 months, and I'm used to going to a couple day meets a month, and maybe a couple 3 or 4 day meets, which are even more special, every couple of months. And I miss swim meets.

Whenever I'm at camp, I dream about swimming, because I miss doing it.

Whenever I'm on taper and swimming at the Y by myself, I dream about swim team because I miss the people and just being there.

And now, when I'm at swim team but I haven't been to meets in ages, I dream about swim meets! Because I love them so! They are like, fun.

Well, and I probably love them even more now, because high school is so much less fun than middle school, although I do still like it, but instead of swimming being the most fun place it's really the only place I have a lot of fun.
Well, that and soccer games.
And swim meets are like the orgasms of swimming, which can either be ruined by a bad time, or wonderful orgasmic explosions of joy when you make times!
It's really the only time of my life at this point with real emotions.


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It Looks Quite Idyllic...

It sounds like a great week is unfolding.

Also... Your use of metaphor is exceptionally vivid. It's great when the one using such a linguistic device is so skilled in both... :)