i am in PAIN D<

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first, before i mention why i am, haha, i wanna share what happened yesterday at walmart...:P

when i left that store yesterday, i realized that everyone in there was really normal looking and doing normal things, no odd weird people or anything, except for me cause i was running around with cheezitz in my arms, displaying my cotton candy blue hair (ends up that different light makes it a different shade of blue...XD), and dressed up in my choir uniform (lime green polo shirt, black dress pants and black dress shoes) XD

ok, well, it was better than being pointed and laughed at by children standing on their roof because of my rather odd appearance. i yelled HAII to get their attention and let them know i knew they were laughing at me, but they kinda freaked out and went on the other side of the roof.

OK, about the paain...it's that special time of the month for me :D where i get this most woooonderful gift from mother nature for not getting pregnant, a small iitty bitty reward that lasts about a week :D yep that wonderful cramping which is due to my uterus goin HEY, I MADE MY SELF READY FOR THAT BABY AND NOW I HAVE TO THROW AWAY ALL MY HARD WORK OF MAKING IT COMFORTING FOR THAT CHILD FOR THE NEXT 9 MONTHS, TAKE THIS, BITCH >O*

haha, so, it's been 8 months since i had it and it finally came back, super super angry...now im at home, suffering these random urges to yell, laugh and cry. i lost control yesterday and ended up yelling at my sister for pushing me around even though she knew i was in pain, crying a teensy bit because i told myself i was going to cry, which ended up happening because my brain can't seem to tell if i was being serious or not, then got angry again because this stupid fly i spent soooo much time tryin to shoo out my room came back inside when my sister came in, then i laughed because it flew into her hair, then i laughed some more because i was trying to get into bed, then i bawled my eyes out because my mom came in and asked why i was screaming and laughing so loudly, so i told her it was my time of the month, then she said, psh, so? then i said i hadn't had it in 8 months, THEN my nosey sister told her i thought i was pregnant, then i laughed hysterically and cried a lot and laughed at the same time and i wasn't sure what the heck i was doing, then i composed myself and now my mom gas the impression im being a slut or something, WHICH IM NOT

why?I.AM.A.LESBIAN.PERIOD. hahaha, if she remembers, i do not like guys...in that way...ever... and it'd make no sense if i was bein with guys or something. oh, wait, she still thinks im bi -.- well, now i must come out to her (again) as lesbian this time, and let her know it won't be easy giving her a grandkid anytime soon, which is what she's hoping for. oh well, i'll find a way to do so... eventually... meh, besides, im not having much luck looking for that special someone (mostly on their behalf and because of my inability to find out if someone is gay [in general] or not D:) right now. but last night i had a wonderful dream that i did find someone that was and it was very niiiiiiice :)

well, that's about it...haha, so, until later, BYES

*my friend wasn't sure why period cramps were existant and i came up with this explaination to help her remember and understand


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I have fairly violent visits

I have fairly violent visits from nature as well, so... you're not alone?

I've never really heard someone give voice to the uterus like that... heheh. But it's pretty accurate I would say.

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Lesbians can be sluts, no?

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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over all i would say that

over all i would say that even an asexual person could be sluty if they want to be....since we are on the topic, though, yes they can be. no she isn't. end of story.

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez and morticia addams
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