I don't believe in God

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But I hope he believes in me, just for today.

Just for today, could the message get through; Just for today, can he hear me?

Maybe it would be easier to just send him a letter, like Santa Claus.


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write the letter. we should

write the letter. we should all write those letters, so at least the universe hears. :)

so write it. maybe some strange thing will be your reply.

I believe in you Dracofangxxx.

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Thank you so much

It's comments like yours that make my day feel good and make the tough parts worth it <3
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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god hears all prayers and answers them. the answer won't be a voice back... most of the time, but signs of good fortune might appear. it's ok that you don't believe, but i'm just saying that all he asks of those who believe is just to be a good person. i know it's out there but that's the very basic concept. but just to clear the air, god is definately not santa claus, not even close. i hope the comment helps you somehow.