"I feel like I'm in the middle of a crowded room screaming and no one even looks up."

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I currently find that i mean absolutly nothing to the world. Not only do the people i care for and consider really close inch further from me daily because they only see their pain.. I never hurt, im never going through much, and right now theres alot going on and im overwhelmed, scared, terrified even. All the times ive dropped everything to help a friend, all the times ive ignored my own problems to help someone out with theres, knowing what they were going through was worse and they needed me more than i needed them.

Now im in that spot where i need someone, i need someone so fucking bad, and all these people id brake my back to help cant even give it a thought to help me, some dont even notice my pain. Besides how shity i feel because of whats happening, i now feel as if nothing is weighting me to this earth, as though i could float away like torn paper in the wind.

Ive always seen myself as small and insignificant, but ive never felt it as strong as i do right this second. i feel like nothing.


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Sometimes I feel like all

Sometimes I feel like all the people I know just pretend to care about me. They tell me that they do, but when I'm down I really start doubting it =/

I'm sure people actually care. Being in a crappy mood just makes the world suck. Feel better.

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I completely understand what

I completely understand what you mean when you saw that you feel like friends pretend to care. i feel it too. im sorry you feel it though.

thanks i hope it gets better