I got to play with the kitten again today. :D

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I still didn't figure out if it was a boy or a girl, so I haven't named it yet. :( It loves me so much, though! It let me pet it a bunch of times today without freaking out, but only if I was sitting down. It doesn't like me when I stand up.

Today, some of my friends and I were discussing people's voices. This led to one of them mocking me in her impression of my voice, which was pretty spot-on. She even did my accent (or lack thereof) perfectly. It was almost scary. I then tried to do her voice but failed miserably because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't pronounce "I" in a southern accent. Eventually, I was told to "just stop trying." Hahaha!

Another friend was being totally disgusting today! He was checking out FRENCH CLASS GIRL! "It's only really her face that's gross. She has a really nice body," he said. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say her body is "really nice." I mean, it's better than her face for sure, and it's not bad or anything, but EWW, FCG! (Unfortunately, I must admit that she does wear amazing perfume, though. Maybe that's her secret to getting so many girls to like her!)

Speaking of FCG, today she whined and whined for Irritating Girl to rub/scratch her back. IG obliged, but just for about 15 seconds or so. FCG was quite disappointed. She ALWAYS wants IG's hands on her in some way. Hehehe, she's so gay! I really want for her to admit it already, even just to me! Denial is not good for your health, my strange, strange friend.

I made a C on my math test. Aww, I had an A in math for the first time in forever! I don't think it messed up my grade too badly, though, since it was a high C. I think I'll still have an A. Even if it becomes a high B, it'll still be lightyears ahead of my geometry grades last year. Ugh, my geometry grades...


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I have an idea

Call the kitty Alex. That's a popular name for both genders. No shame.
And I don't understand how you could hate geometry more than other maths. I loved geometry. Well, relative to how much I love math in general, which is not a whole freakin much.
But I thought algebra was okay but I liked geometry was better. And trig is probably so far better than algebra, but worse than geo.

Ask FCG for some of her perfume. I'm sure she'll oblige.

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I know a bunch of people

I know a bunch of people named Alex, though, so it might be a little weird...

I hated geometry because it was honestly the most impossible thing I've ever attempted to learn. I did NOT have a very good teacher, which didn't help much.

Haha, I should! I bet she'd be all, "OH SO YOU'VE BEEN SNIFFING ME, HUH? ;D" knowing her...

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Just give kitty a

Just give kitty a gender-neutral name? Haha. I had this fuzzy adorable cat named Top Cat (or Toppy for short) but she didn't get along with the other cats so I gave her to a friend and she's doing much better there.

But yeah. Pets usually get descriptive or silly names anyway. Like "Squeaky" or "Fluffy" or "Dot." Haha.

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Aww, Top Cat is a cute name.

Aww, Top Cat is a cute name. :D I could always go with a gender-neutral name, yes. I just don't know what to name it. It's black and white, if that helps.

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Can you figure out what

Can you figure out what perfume she wears? I'm a huge fragrance connoisseur.

...and then once I have that, I'll be able to judge her based on her perfume. Muahahaha.

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I can try!

I can try!

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super duck!

ive found a girl who looks like you with longer, black hair :D

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I BET SHE'S REALLY HOT! (Hahahaha, kidding, I'm not concieted!)


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You're Speaking of...

Super Duck's avatar? If not, do you have a pic?

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He's friends with me on

He's friends with me on facebook, so he knows what I look like.

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Just pull out a dictionary and find a good word that isn't even a name, has nothing to do with the cat's gender or physical appearance, et cetera...


Or anything else your dictionary may suggest... If you have a dictionary... Many people don't, nowadays, or so I've heard...

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I might try that!

I might try that!

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You might find interesting words here, too !

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black and white? penguin?

black and white?
penguin? tux(edo)?

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Aww, Penguin is cute! I'll

Aww, Penguin is cute! I'll definitely consider that one.