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French Class Girl. Just... French Class Girl.

Gag me. FCG always has girls (and never, ever, ever any guys, of course) telling her on facebook that she is pretty, hot, awesome, etc. At any given time on her facebook page, she has at least one wall post saying something along the general lines of, "Meeting you last night was AMAZING, gorgeous! ;)" This makes me wonder where she goes and what she does there. The girls fawning over her are usually either college-age or like, eighth graders. They quite obviously haven't spent more than ten minutes with her or... actually looked at her face. I should tell every girl who says these things to her that she likes to fart during class and then giggle about it. That's what she was doing Friday. Eww, that (and a visit to the eye doctor) would sure cure them of thinking she's sexy, though!

Also, my school just banned girls from wearing short shorts on no-uniform days. As someone who wholeheartedly supports girls in booty shorts, I am displeased. That is not cool. I think they should've banned chemistry instead. Strict teacher + lots of math + Old Crush = worst class ever.

I just added this girl on facebook, and I realized she's the homophobic girl who got peed on by my friend's dog at a party in seventh grade. Aww, I miss that friend. She moved away on the same day that two of my best friends graduated and my crush moved. It was a pretty bad day, to say the least. I haven't talked to her in months and months and months, but she's changed, judging by her facebook, and she's all super Jesus-y now. I guess it wouldn't be the same...

My friends are trying to make me go to Homecoming, but I refuse. Not again. >:( It sucked a little last time. I only went to see this one girl who I'm not even sure will be there this time. I don't think I'm ever going to see her again, actually. I had a crush on her. I still do, I guess, but I've given up hope of ever seeing her again. She apparently broke up with her douchey boyfriend, who EVERYONE in my algebra class just thinks is soooo cool. Someone mentioned him a few days ago, and everyone, even the teacher, kept saying how awesome they thought he was. I think he's a douche, so I just kept my mouth shut, but it was pretty rage-inducing.

Anyway, I'm about to go pick up some stuff for a project and eat an early dinner with my mom. She is also making me go to the movies with her because she has no friends. Those were her exact words.


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maybe i missed this part...

but does your title have anything to do with your story?and i'm sorry about the whole booty shorts ban thing, that was a good part of my high school and college life, was ogling the cute people in summer daisy duke's... ah, good times...good times

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez addams

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It was something FCG

It was something FCG screamed in class Friday.

And I know, right? :( It was a great part of no-uniform days... And now they ruined it when they could've banned something that was actually bad instead.

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In what context...

Did she scream that?

No one escapes from life alive

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The conversation was something along the lines of...

IG: Your shirt is really big and baggy. It makes you look like a man with long hair. From the neck down, you could be a dude
IG: No?

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My school has never allowed short shorts. They're pretty snippy about that stuff... At one point my principal said, over the PA, "This is a school, not a brothel"... Haha. Needless to say, a good portion of the student body was pissed off... Honestly though, I thought the whole situation was pretty funny.

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My school is hilarious about

My school is hilarious about their rules, really. The uniform skirts for girls are easily almost as short as the shorts they banned. Maybe just a couple inches longer. Mine are super long because they're too big.

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I sort of wish I knew French

I sort of wish I knew French Class Girl.


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I wish you did too! Haha, I

I wish you did too! Haha, I wish you all knew her... Offline, even. That's the only way you could truly grasp how much of a freakazoid she is! I'm afraid my words don't do it justice; I wish you could all see for yourselves how truly strange she is.