I need advice...

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...on dating girls.


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What about it?

What about it?

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Ask girl out. Chaos

Ask girl out. Chaos ensues?

Sometimes, finding the girl is more difficult than actually getting around to dating her -.-

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Story. Of. My. Life. lol idk

Story. Of. My. Life. lol idk how much help i can be of but what do u need help with?

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Well i have a girlfriend...

Well I have a girlfriend but I just dont understand what I can and can't say and what I can and can't do. Oh and how do you let someone know your Not cheating??? Girls confuse me.

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what you can and cant say? just ask her if anything you say offends her, and if she thinks your cheating on her then she probably does not trust you. You gotta communicate with her, its one of the most important things in a relationship u just gotta be honest with eachother.

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id have to also say that

id have to also say that communication is key. you just have to be yourself and if you pick up on something that you think she doesn't like or is offended by, apologize or ask her whats wrong or something to that affect. also i would say just be upfront and show her that ur love is only towards her and ur being honest. so id have to agree with kiko and say honesty and communication are the most important things in a relationship. i dont know if that helped but i hope it did