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Today I went to my third Gay-Straight Alliance meeting. At the end, the president passed out cards for everyone to fill out. Allegedly this is mandated by the Associated Student Body for all clubs and their members, although I've never had to do it before for either of the clubs with which I have been involved. Anyway, the problem is that the card requires a Parent Signature. And my parents don't know (nor do my friends, actually, but that's beside the point) that I go to the Alliance meetings. Should I:

1) Ask one of my parents to sign the card. If he or she expresses surprise and/or interest in my joining the Gay-Straight Alliance (as is more than likely), tell him or her mostly the truth, explain Questioning status, but err on the side of 'probably not gay' for the time being - soften the blow, as it were.

2) Fill out the card, except for the parent signature portion, in pencil, making it look like it's for Latin Club (to which I also belong, not so secretly, but for which I have never been asked to fill out one of these cards), get it signed, then erase all the Latin Club stuff and change it to Gay-Straight Alliance. This would be my usual modus operandi (I should have spelled that right? maybe?), but I question its wisdom and ethicality if not its sneakily clever effectiveness.

3) Talk to the club president, explaining my reluctance to get the card signed, and see if it's really necessary.

4) Assume it's not really necessary, and not get the card signed at all.

5) Just forge the signature.


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I would forget about the

I would forget about the card entirely until the president makes a point to talk to you about it. If it's really that important, s/he will make the extra effort to get you to do it. Then you can explain the situation. If s/he still says you have to get it signed I would go with option #2, penciling in the Latin info. BTW I think M.O. and spelling it out are both acceptable. I would think that a club like this would be understanding about people wanting to maintain some sense of anonymity, but maybe not since it's high school. So if you want to keep it a secret you have to break a few rules which I am always in favor of.

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My Reaction...

If a student organization is sanctioned by the school you attend, this should be sufficient! But, I'm not totally naïve: I know that some parts of the world don't work that way :(

I'd be interested in knowing how the others who'd like to join are handling this poorly-disguised impediment.

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New complications...

Today at the Latin Club meeting identical green cards were passed out. Apparently this really is new Associated Student Body policy, and not a 'poorly-disguised impediment.' So that kind of rules out Options 2, 3, and 4, which I did so very much prefer over Options 1 and 5. But...then again, since I did explain to my mother about Questioning status yesterday, maybe just getting the card signed under completely honest pretenses (as opposed to false pretenses - that term has always amused me: aren't all pretenses false?) is the way to go. Or maybe mostly-honest pretenses: admit that it's for Gay-Straight Alliance, but make it sound like I haven't been going since the beginning of the year.

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Oh I read #5 as "forget" the

Oh I read #5 as "forget" the signature. Whoops. If you told her you're questioning then I don't see how it's a big deal to get her to sign the card. If you don't want to open up that discussion then just forge it. I don't think it's a big deal. It's not some major document and in my mind the consequences aren't that big. It's not a check or anything.