It's never your enemies that get you, it's always the people you are close to.

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Lets see. Ill start this with a connection to my readers no matter how few there will be of you.

When was the last time you got backstabbed? Yesturday? A month ago? Was it by an ex? A best friend? Family? Well im feeling that same sting i know youve felt or are feeling.

An ex girlfriend whos also a close close close friend of mine. In her fight to win back the mate of her dreams, she tells him my absolute biggest sectret ive ever had the displeasurement to have to contain. Only her and this other girl im extremely close to know about it. Well now he knows. and he hates me, so lets see this will spread pretty quick.

so even though this secret isnt like i did somthing horrible it wont make people hate me. it will make people look down on me, like simpatheticly. And thats the last thing i want.

so i just wana say, thank you to all the back stabbers out there. im not saying we dont do it becaue i bleive we all do it no matter how small or large, but when someone tells you somthing that is seriously life altering that is one of those things YOU NEVER REPEAT.


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Sorry to hear. Having your secrets exploited by others is the worst. Keep a brave face and I would reconsider how close your best friend really is to you. I worry sometimes that my exes reveal confidential information to their friends after we stop talking. Can't imagine being aware of the tellings. Best of luck.

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haha we dated over 4 years

haha we dated over 4 years ago, it was never serious more like exploring. but yea. i seem to be sescond guessing all my trust now. thanks aton