Jeez mom fail!

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I'm so pissed at my mom.
I was talking about my high school teachers at dinner, and then I was talking about Mr. Orchestra and how he's all passionate, and then she interrupts me and like "Do you think he's gay? I hope not. I've heard that rumor." :(
She's done this before. Like when my swim coach was talking about some kids from the swim team that live with her for a while, and she was like "I've got Carl and Blake and Dani. And usually I'm okay if they bring over their girlfriends of boyfriends or whatev." And my mom FREAKS OUT and is like "BOYFRIENDS?! Who has that?!"
"Dani. Dani and Alex are dating" My mom thought Dani was Danny.

So pissed off right now.


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you just need to smack her in the face

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Imprudent... No?

I fully understand the impulse to respond physically...

And I'm quite confident that you were not serious...

But, I'm equally sure that he could never lose his cool and react so brazenly. If not out of sheer respect... with his extensive experience, he must be aware that there would be other quite innovative (diabolical?) repercussions lying in wait...

I do suspect, however, that a great opportunity may have been missed:

(1) Mom, why would you wish that the rumor's not true?
(2) If the rumor turns out to be true, do you think he had a choice?
(3) Whatever... Mr. Orchestra's a great director.

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I went with the 3rd one.

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Non-confrontational... always :)

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geee now I wish I had a

geee now I wish I had a normal mom... I just got conselling for a few years and then my mom would randomly talk to me about hot guys on the tv...

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