Life is easy!

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Well, life has all of a sudden gotten a lot easier. It's kinda dissapointing.

Because, of my three honors classes, chemistry, english, and trig, I don't really respect them.
Chemistry is pretty fun, despite the drab teacher, who is also lazy, so I bet I could put THIS...IS...SPARTA! on my homework and she wouldn't notice. But anyway, it's also really easy, and I'm surprised more frosh don't do it... (I have a 101 in the class now, with way little work)

Trig is generally hard, but it's been getting easier. Well, I also don't like it because it's easy, just a lot of busy work, and therefore a lot of wasted life. I mean, I do like the math. But the teacher has been giving us actual time to do assignments in class! Which is awesome.
AND, I don't have to be as uptight about assignments, because she gives you full credit on assignments no matter what if you get an 80 or higher on the test, which I consider a pretty safe bet for me, as I can't REMEMBER the last time I got under a 90 on any math test.

But English I respect. It's actually a challenging class, and it's not just busy work, but it's actual learning and it's hard to get a good grade even if you're not lazy!
I have a B+ in there now, which is like really low for me, and I'm trying!
I respect that. It's a real challenge, and not just because it's busy work.

My other classes are kinda negligable. I mean, Health sometimes has a little work, and so does German, but not much.

And tomorrow is 3 day weekend! Well, after 2 at least. And the last day of that shall be heaven!


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Reminds me of my last year

Reminds me of my last year in high school. Physics was an honors class and insanely easy... We hardly did anything so I ended up finishing my Mythology homework in that class a lot. My math was actually an extensions class, because my consoler was all "YOUSHOULDTAKEEXTENTIONSMATHBECAUSEYOUDOBADLYINMATH" but really... I just don't like the busy work. I get math but when I have hours of busy work every night I get really frustrated. Like, if I understand it I understand it. I hate doing busy work. But the extensions teacher didn't give much of it... The extensions class was way easy and I really didn't get how people could be having a hard time with it though, but they were. And then my English class actually was challenging. I loved that class. I -just- managed an A- by the end of the class. I was like, right on the line of A-/B+. I feel like I learned a lot from that class.

And the rest of my classes were like... Art 3 and Photography 2 and Guitar class. Haha. So they were all pretty engaging. :]

I had to take, like, three extra classes my last semester though. Which was... Less than fun let me tell you. Long story short, I was home-schooled for some time before starting high-school and I didn't have enough credits. I wasn't planning on graduating but then the director of guidance was like "you only need two and a half more credits!" at the beginning of the second semester last year. (-MY- Guidance counselor told me I would need a lot more than that.) So I had to squeeze an extra two and a half credits in during my last semester of High School.

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mythology :) how was taht?

More people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, my friends, that is true perversion.
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euphemisms are best!

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Are you giving me a ride? Or do I have to get it? When are we leaving? and returning? Can you like, PM me and tell me this shizz, cuz my mom really wants to know :)
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Huh? How can this be?

I suspect that the excitement may have muddled something.

But... you both have cells. No?