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This probably won't last, but for once at least I'm going to just try writing like I would in a paper journal, if I kept one during the school year, which I don't. So no long stories starting far in the past, no pivotal life-changing (or even just mood-changing or opinion-changing) moments, just today, in all its mundane simplicity.

Actually, first I'm going to see if this works...

If that worked, it should be a photo of a few of my skulls. Somebody expressed some interest in them a while back.

Today wasn't all that interesting. I can see I won't be using this journal for this sort of thing for long. Today I got to weld something for the first time - it wasn't as scary as I had expected. Today I brought in some owl feathers to attach to the mask I'm making in art class, but the feathers were so smelly the teacher made me take them home and put baking soda on them before bringing them back. So while I was dealing with the owl feathers, I figured I needed more feathers than I had brought, and besides which it was about time I dealt with the second owl I picked up all those weeks ago, so I dealt with said second owl, by which I just mean removed as many of its feathers as would be useful for my project and reduced its head to something more like a skull, although I didn't take the time to clean said skull thoroughly enough for it to take its place in my ever-growing collection just yet. This will probably happen many times in the future - the skulls taking over from whatever I should have been writing about - as I know it has already happened many times both here and elsewhere.

Yesterday was kind of interesting because I went back to the fencing club after many months of not going on account of being too busy. It was kind of uncomfortable, though, because very few people were there and I ended up having to fence electric (which I've only done once before and had pretty thoroughly forgotten, so the more experienced fencers had to make something of a scene of teaching me how to put on all the cords and whatnot), which meant that I was using a pistol grip (to which I am completely unaccustomed and which therefore did not work very well for me, despite one of the more experienced fencers' assurance that 'This is, like, power. Like if this was Lord of the Rings, this would be the Ring.') and facing opponents infinitely more experienced than I. But in spite of all that, confusing grammar and all, it was pretty good to be back.

It's still pretty early in the evening, but the remainder promises to be uneventful. Maybe I'll finally get around to taking that test about which the National Guard has been bugging me for the past few days...something about seeing where I am academically so it has a better idea of what sort of things I could do for them if (as is probable) I enlist...


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I love that photograph,

I love that photograph, amazing composition, it's quite , I've been staring at it for about 2 minutes, actually. Which animals are they?

How does one go about collecting skulls? Do you find dead animals and extract them? Do you buy them?

Sorry, I'm fascinated, they're just so... beautiful, I can't even find another word to define it.

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Finally, someone else is interested in my weird hobby. Finally, someone else thinks skulls are beautiful.

No, I don't buy the skulls. It is possible to buy many species, but I would consider that cheating somehow. So yes, often I find dead animals and reduce them to skull form through a long and often frustrating process of decomposition, dehydration, whittling, soaking, and sometimes gluing. It is inefficient, but cheap. Others I find in owl pellets - another reason I love owls! - and merely have to remove as much fur and whatever-else-is-in-an-owl-pellet as I can. A few I find already in skull form - this is largely luck. Another advantage of not buying is that some species' skulls cannot be bought - either because the animal is protected (some of mine are of questionable legality, but hey - I didn't kill them) or for some other reason.

The skulls in the photo are horse, sparrow, raccoon, kingfisher, and assorted small rodents. Most of them have stories... But chances are good that I'll just take some individual photos and give each of the more interesting skulls (although choosing which ones are 'more interesting' might be tough - only twenty of the fifty are what I would really call uninteresting) its own journal entry. Although, I don't know who would be interested except maybe you, and any excuse to do it for myself sounds kind of lame in my mind... But whatever. I can't help showing them off, even if no one does care.

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Honestly, go ahead and post

Honestly, go ahead and post as much as you want about them, I'd be delighted!

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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Oh, and
I just found this while shopping online, it reminded me of you and your skulls. (:

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.