Oh my fothermucker

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I just checked the PNS web site, and the times for PNS champs have been sped up! Like, a lot! It was about 20% qualifying rate last year, and now it's about 10%... I already had a time from last years standards, and was considered a shoo in for at least 3 others...

But, I've checked the qualifiers, and everyone I thought would make champs from my team is out. Alyssa's out, Chris's out, Eric's out, Emili's out.
Nicole, probably by far the fastest of that hot new fast 5 in our club, is still qualified in the 50 and 100 back.

Of course, they didn't forget the 14 year olds, and our times have gotten faster as well. I'll be hard pressed to make champs now.
I expected to get it in the 50 free, 100 free, 200 free, 100 back, 200 back, and 100 fly. I'm boned now though...
I just might, MIGHT make the 50 free, if I get lucky. But that one seems out to me. I might do it though. Don't discount it.

50 free is one of my best events, but I'm primarily a backstroker, and the 100 back will still be REALLY tough for me to get. The 200 back, my specialty, I should be able to get, if all goes well. I know I can, it's just a matter of seeing if I will.

So, it looks like I have a fair chance of making it though, and if I do, it'll be just me and Nicole, again, like last year.
FML. A single 12 year old girl is simply not what I would call "ideal company" for 2 days...


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i could hide in your suitcase :D

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Ferrets's Offer...

...might be a viable option. But... make sure you have all the critical measurements and a suitcase to accommodate :)

So... when is the next meet?

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