Pencils are trying to kill you. Oh, yes.

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I am pretty much on the verge of tears right now. I have so much homework tonight, and most of it is utter bullshit. My English teacher insulted my intelligence by giving us two very, very repetitive worksheets on capitalization. I have an insane history test tomorrow. I have algebra homework that I absolutely do not understand, and I have fucking chemistry notes. HOLY HELL, I HATE CHEMISTRY! The notes are extra credit, but I made a freaking D on my test today, so I need to do that if I want to keep an A in the class. (This is taking forever to type for that very reason. I am doing chemistry notes and trying to write a journal.)

Ahh, yes, that chemistry test. Someone asked the teacher if we did well, and she said yes. She then proceeded to pull out a stack of papers consisting of nothing but C's, D's, and F's. What is this bullshit?

So, anyway, there's this junior I talk to sometimes. She took most of the classes I have right now when she was a sophomore, and she tells me how to not totally fail them. Let's call her the Helpful Junior. We had a great conversation today. She was asking me about my schedule and what I thought of all the classes.

Her: So, what is French like? [FCG's friend I haven't nicknamed yet] tells me it's pretty interesting.
Me: Oh, YES. There's this girl in there, and she's soooo weird. She likes to--
Her: Stop, I have a question. Is her name French Class Girl, by any chance?
Me: Yes, that's her! Do you know her?
Her: Ugh, yes. I have science class with her.
Me: Hahahaha! Is she weird there?
Her: Very, very much.
Me: She occasionally obsesses over my mother, and she has a hair fetish. She makes one of her friends touch it every day.
Her: Haha! She doesn't do that in my class. She just says stupid things. I thought she was so normal at first...
Her: I'd be so lost without her, though. She brings life to my class!
Me: My thoughts exactly. Next year is gonna suck.
Her: Oh, my god, I know...

FCG was in one of her moods today. Ugh, she gets so grumpy so easily. Today, she was upset basically because some of her friends hurt her feelings by disagreeing with her over something, so she didn't get her way. She can't STAND for anyone to disagree with her. She said it made her feel like no one loved her, and because no one loved her, she was going to sleep as soon as we had some free time in class. Oh, wow...

Hehe, she's so funny-looking when she sleeps, by the way. She doesn't really even look like herself. She looks so peaceful and calm. It's almost like she's a normal person. Aww. Then she wakes up and resumes her usual freakazoid activities, and all you can think is, "What the hell happened?"

You know, it kinda reminds me of this anime-obsessed guy who sleeps during every single class I have with him. He has some major anger issues and is usually grouchy, but when he sleeps, he has the dumbest smile ever plastered on his face. It's like every time he sleeps, he's dreaming the greatest dream ever or something. People in general are pretty funny-looking when they sleep, I think. I wonder what I look like.

I hate school. I'm not learning a damn thing there that I feel is beneficial. I'm either having my intelligence insulted by teachers not teaching on the right level (Oh, English... I learned my basic capitalization rules long, long ago.) or I'm stuck in an impossible class that has little to do with any sort of job I'd want in the future. (Chemistry, I'm looking at you. Damn requirement! Why did it have to be chemistry? Why, oh, why, did it have to be chemistry?)

Anyway, I'm off to study some more history. Blah, history. At least it isn't chemistry!


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Chemistry is balls

You're not going to feel like you're learning anything worth your while until college. Even then, really, haha. But no...chemistry is no fun but good for you for doing extra credit. Goodluck getting your homework done. Just take a breath and do one thing at a time. Reward yourself when you're done.

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I totally feel like I'm wasting my time... Ugh. I really hope it changes in college! I did finally manage to get all that homework done, though!

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I'm sorry that I looooove Chemistry XD

It's all in what teacher you get, I swear!!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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I don't particularly care for math or science...

...But this teacher makes it absolutely UNBEARABLE! I can't believe she's been teaching for over 30 years.