Purposefully getting food poisoning

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I left out creme brules from last night's dessert and I'm eating them anyways. Too yummy to waste.

My sister said some terrible things today and I don't feel like doing anything but play viola, sleep, eat food, and play video games. Maybe some art. It's such a hassle. This last week has gone down the shithole. What am I supposed to do? God.

Does anybody want to come over and watch happy movies and snuggle with me on the couch? We can eat yummy food and laugh and be warm under comfy blankets. And then get into a pillowfight :3

Just a suggestion! :D

Girlfriends sound like so much less of a hassle than boyfriends! God, men are so confusing :P


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Hell yeah...

...if there's still some creme brulee!

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Ohgod, they're so good

I only eat half of one at a time, and the recipe I have makes five of them. I have a half left in the fridge, and a whole one that I'm gonna bring to school.

They're like, mm-MMM~ <3
You are beautiful, in every single way <3