so tonight..

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Tonight was this big street dance thing at my town. there was alot happening. Me being the negative puss that i am is sad as shit about the giril i love being with this guy now.. so i wasnt exactly in the mood to do anything. Plusss i sprained my ankel at my soccer turnament today so a street dance which involved walking and dancing didnt seem like a great thing to do.

but anyway getting to what happened. I hung out with a good friend of mine and her friend (ill call her danielle), danielle ive known for a long long time, we just never really hit it off as friends or pals or anything it always seemed that we like the same people at the same time which kind of put that automatic (grr dislike her) thing between us. We got to talking tonighit and we are going through very similar things right now.. we half flirted i think because there were moments where our hands touched and it was comforting nice i wish i happened more.. and on the car ride home she layed on my shoulder and her knuckles were touching my leg.. very little gestures but gestures that im pretty sure were intentional..

so im positive this is happening beause im upset and so is she so we both need this phycial comforting. but it was nice.. much needed.. and i wish she was here right now, beacuse i just need someone to hold me.. to let me cry.