Some quick before-school ramblings...

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Life has been... eventful lately, I suppose. My dad is going to buy me a car. It's not my birthday for a couple more months, and I won't even be able to drive alone on my 16th birthday anyway, but he has some money right now, and he might not still have it by then because my mom has found out about it and wants some to use for her own crap, as she is still unemployed and mooching off her ex-husband. I was stupid and waited a little while to get my permit, not realizing you had to keep it a whole year and not just until your birthday. I'm very excited about the car, but I'm not, however, excited about explaining that whole thing to everyone who hears about the car and wonders why I won't be driving it to school for a little while.

For French class, we have to write a paragraph about things we like to talk about with our friends and stuff like that. Umm... Well, I really don't think my French class needs to know about the things I talk about, especially since French Class Girl herself is there. Hehehehe. I'm coming up with some bullshit, but while attempting to write the paragraph today, I had a little fun with the English-to-French dictionary. What if I really did write a paragraph about what my friends and I talk about? If I did that, imagine the look on FCG's face when we read our paragraphs out loud... Haha, no, I'm not that mean. I wouldn't do that unless she seriously pissed me off, and I mean SERIOUSLY. She'd have to like, track down where I live and come spit on my two adorable little baby kittens or something of that magnitude. I actually don't really dislike FCG at all. I just think she's a freak, and I am jealous of her woman-obtaining skills.

FCG comes up to me and talks to me every day, even when we aren't in French class. My mom refuses to believe that FCG is in love with her and instead asks me if she likes my male friend, who is usually with me. Uh, no. HAHAHAHA. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. She doesn't even talk to him. She just talks to me almost EVERY FREAKING DAY out of nowhere. So now my mom believes that FCG is in love with ME. Ummm, I sure hope not. I do always whine about no girls liking me, but I am not THAT desperate! She'd better just stick to Irritating Girl...

My mom then asked me if FCG has any friends besides IG. Uhh, well, I know she has two extremely weird ones that don't go to my school, and she has some that just went to college. I think she does have a few friends, but she also has a ton of people who hate her.

Also, I hate chemistry. I hate all the math, I hate my teacher's pathetic attempts at teaching, I hate being distracted by Old Crush's boobs, and I hate how it smells in that classroom.


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"I hate being distracted by

"I hate being distracted by Old Crush's boobs"

My old crush has the most fabulous boobs and the most cleavage-revealing shirts. I feel you.

You guys can get your learner's at 15 in the states?! Jealous. I failed my test the first time around and I nearly cried. Also I still can't drive myself around.

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Old crushes and their

Old crushes and their amazing boobs... DX I can see it now:

Chem Teacher: Super Duck, you FAILED! Did you study?
Me: Yes.
Chem Teacher: What did you study, then?
Me: ...Old Crush's magnificent rack.
Chem Teacher: SUPER DUCK!

Yes. Well, it varies from state to state, but it's usually 15 or 15 and a half. I think some really mountainous states have it as a higher age, but it's 15 in most places.

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I touched my old crush's

I touched my old crush's boobs once. We were going down the stairs, and she tripped and I had to catch her. By "had to catch her" I mean "inadvertently took the chance to grope her inappropriately".

I'll be 17 in a week. My (second D=) test is five days from that. If WHEN I pass I'll have my G2, then I need to take another test in a year's time to get my G, which is the "full privileges" license. Bah.

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I've never touched Old

I've never touched Old Crush's. Well, on the day of the first chemistry test, I was in a hurry to cram for it, so I ran to my seat and smacked into her along the way. Her boobs got all in my personal space, yes, but I did not touch them.

Good luck on your test! My state used to have an intermediate license you could get at 15 and a half, and you could drive alone during certain hours, but of course, they got rid of that the year I turned 15.

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it's 15 and 1/2 for cali

it's 15 and 1/2 for cali :/

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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In Arkansas, it's 14. I know

In Arkansas, it's 14. I know some Arkansas people, and I was so jealous of how early they get to drive. >:C

At least it's not like those countries where you have to be 18...

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oof, i know D; Hi, I'm a

oof, i know D;

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Don't hate chemistry!!!! My

Don't hate chemistry!!!! My class exploded gummy bears today >:) all in the name of science

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt

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But we don't get to do cool

But we don't get to do cool things like that because my teacher is super lame. :'(

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Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)