Sort of an addendum to ferrets' journal, but I was planning to post it anyway

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We had a pep assembly last Friday. Hooray... I hate football.
Anyway, it went on a "who wants to be a millionaire" theme, and they had representatives from each grade, and asked them various questions, mostly about school and the football game.
But one of the hosts of the "game show" was actually pretty cute, and also quite obviously gay. He was wearing shiny pants and he had a gay look and the most flamy voice and stuff. Gay.
But there were people saying things, mostly a conservative guy who's mean to me, that just set me furious.

A lot of the time, I don't really care about a lot of things that will sometimes offend others.
If I want to do so, I will make a gay joke or something, because they're funny, and I'm, surprisingly, not being a homophobe and not trying to be mean. Same with sexist jokes. They're GREAT jokes, and I'm not actually sexist. I'd be more feminist.
Because I believe intent is everything, and a society where everything we do could be offensive in some way would be a terrible society to live in. (A great story about this is Usher II in The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury) Just know that YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED SOMETIMES.
And so, like about that mosque thing near Ground Zero, yes, it's stupid, and shouldn't have to be an issue and some people just need to have a spanking, or maybe get the giant pineapples out of their asses. I mean, that mosque and Al Queda aren't like affiliated in any way.

But I don't really hate someone like Sarah Palin or the ADL, because they focus on the effects of the mosque, and they're legitimately trying to do good, albeit in an intolerant asshole way.

But the single person I CANNOT FUCKING STAND, that just RUINS me, that kills me from the inside, even more than Fred Phelps, is Newt Fucking Gingrich.
That old white conservative Republican christian intolerant pretentious self-righteous holier-than thou dictating fucking racist homophobic PRICK, he's just FUCKING EVIL.

He's not just focused on the effects of the mosque, he beats up the motives of those who want to build it. He says the name Cordoba House is to remind white people of when the Cordoban Caliphate owned Spain.
He says that the mosque is a statue of victory. He says we shouldn't have mosques in America when there aren't churches in Saudi Arabia.

How old are you? Seriously? I thought you were like 150, but obviously you're like 2. Because Saudi Arabia has no churches we shouldn't have mosques. WHAT?! Our country is built on tolerance, should we hold the religious rights of Muslims hostage to the tolerance of another country that also happens to be Muslim?
God, he's such a FUCKING PRICK, Newt Gingrich.

Well, anyway, the things people said in this pep assembly just made me furious, and mostly because they weren't just lighthearted jokes, they were just mean and attacking, and just why the fuck would you need to say that?


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Yeah... Football, Intent, Gingrich

100% agreement!

And... along with football, I have to add boxing and race car/automobile racing!

I know that I have little company on this... but I consider these activities (not sports!) to be dangerous and stupid.

As for Gingrich... you weren't yet a tad when he was in his heyday (1994) and was the driving force behind the Contact With America! Such an ego... and so into himself!

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i fuckin' hate newt too...


good journal buddy.

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