Suck on this

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I AM writing a journal, HAH.
Take that.

Um, but seriously, all my recent romantic endeavors are indeed very Heterosexual and I feel bad writing about that on here.

I loooove orchestra and being second chair Violist. Mr. Orchestra is on CRACK I swear and he likes to project his voice very, very, loudly in my direction. And stuff.

Love him :)

FRENCH CLASS, UGH. IT SUCKS. Why can't I have a FCG? I'm probably the craziest one in there except my teacher! She's Russian. And has a very very very strong Russian accent. I can't understand the ENGLISH nonetheless the FRENCH. And she teaches us in the Spanish room. Wtf?

High school rocks my socks, though. It's so much fun :) I got burned really badly in Chemistry today, though! We were using the Bunsen Burner and I hit my arm on the very hot metal ring that holds up the wire mesh thing. Now I have a very prominent crescent burn mark on my arm. It didn't hurt though... It was just really really hot for a minute and then my skin started looking like wax and now it's sort of shiny and wrinkly like bald old people's heads. It stung during lunch and that was it.

I hope I have this scar forever! It's so cool! :D

Umm, we had a very boring camping trip this weekend. Super boring. Sucked ass. And not the good kind of sucking ass. Is there a good kind? I guess if you're into that sort of stuff, there could be. Tossin' the salad, baby.

Um, eww, okay. I'm sort of jittery right now. Whew. I need to just caaaaaaalm down. Kisses are nothing, right?

Or everything


I'll talk to you guys later!


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Fun is hard to resist yes but sometimes you SHOULD resist it JUST SAYING. That is my point of view.

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And maybe it's sort of

And maybe it's sort of obvious that I don't think the same thing as you. Just saying?
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Stupidity like FCG's is one in a million. :D

We haven't used the Bunsen burner thingy at all in Chemistry... We've only done boring crap like math and significant figures.

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Your Chemistry class sounds like it sucks!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Mr. Orchestra...

It seems that all the local Oasisians who are taking orchestra with you share your assessment of Mr. Orchestra. I envy all of you...

It appears that the new bass player has attracted considerable interest. Warranted? Can't you help?

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I haven't even looked at the new bassist

Nonetheless judged his hotness.... I'm second chair and have to be in the front all neat and proper early or I look bad XD I'll try to catch a peek today, for sure!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3