Thanks, I needed that.

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My nephew's being passive aggressive. He put: "What a fucking asshole" as his Facebook status. I'm toying with the idea of commenting on it with: "I know, aren't I?" Not sure that I should, though. I'm only assuming that it's about me, though. We were messaging back and forth on Xbox Live and I was telling him that I probably won't have his present for him when he comes tomorrow. Long story short: this ass from Kijiji was supposed to meet me on Thursday to sell me this video game but then he stopped emailing me. I found someone else selling the game, but I don't think I'll have the chance to meet up with him before the party tomorrow.

Seriously, I want to buy it for him, but I can't freaking help it! I should've probably had a gift by now, but I've had other things going on besides his birthday. The past two weeks I've been UBER stressing over this test I have to write. I finally handed in the application last Friday and was worried I was too late. Eventually on Tuesday someone called and said that everything looked fine and I'm scheduled to write it next month. Now I'm SUPERFUCKINGSTRESSED because I haven't been studying. I've got about two weeks until the test. :/

I'm just...not feeling so great tonight. I don't like him posting vague crap up on Facebook like that. Especially when I've actually been TRYING to get him something and I've been looking forward to seeing him. Dude, the main reason I even log onto Live is for the off chance that I'll get to talk to we used to. Why don't you get that?

It just pisses me off that no one understands me or ever sees that I'm trying. I failed at being a sister to my brother and being a sister AND a bridesmaid to my sister... I guess I may as well fail at being an aunt too, huh?


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sounds like you have about as much as me going on right roomate isn't paying her rent, i've been all down and depressed, and im drifting further and further from my family. so i feel ya ash. hit me up on facespace sometime.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman