The correct phrase would be "Oh shit".

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I got the most girl action today EVER. I got my ass squeezed, some gropage, AND some snuggling.
But then she was like "I WANT TO BE A MAN " and it kinda ruined the mood.

Psh, that was in P.E., too...

Anyways, on a more sad note, I really need to pour out some stuff, so, don't mind me...

I'm getting really lonely. Not lonely in the "I wish I had someone" way, but it's more of a caged feeling. I rarely talk to my best friend anymore, even though we walk to all of our classes together and have lunch together. It's hard; I'm invisible, because she has so many more friends that want to talk to her, too. And they're all louder than me. I'll get interrupted and then, I'm too nervous to speak back up, and then they'll walk ahead together and I'm just stuck walking alone.

I feel like I'm stuck in a glass box and no matter how hard I scream, they don't hear. So I give up. Smashing the box, persay, would give me cuts on my hands and it would make a big mess. But staying in here, this prison, sucks. I draw too much lately, happy things, to keep myself postiive. But it's pointless. The one person who'll talk to me whenever I want, sadly, doesn't seem to give a damn about what I say. That's a mean accusation to make, but... It's true.
(Speaking of, I got an A on my first Alg2/Trig test today. I didn't even get a "Good job" from him. Well, I'm proud of myself, at least.)
I hate feeling like I deserve more than I'm getting, because I really don't, but it's just so annoying when your "friends" don't even acknowledge you there.

They always do this thing, where they plan parties, and I'm not invited. And they try to hide it until AFTER the fact, but I always hear about it beforehand anyways. And then, they try to say the old "Oh, yeah! Why weren't you invited? You're awesome!" or "I wish you were there, it would have been great!" but nobody, not a single person, does something about it. I don't get it. I'm not mean to them.
I asked Blueboy about it and he said "Well, you're just different from them. Not stereotypical." and I guess that makes sense, but is it bad?
(Psst. Then he went on to say that that's why he likes me so much, so it wasn't supposed to sound mean <3)

I just don't get it. I don't know why I'm so unliked. I'm not a bad person. Am I? I'm just... A little stressed, alot of the times. But that's usually because I'm getting ignored and it builds up! I'm too quiet, maybe.

I just want someone to give a damn about what I have to say for once. I'm such a listener, all of the time. I don't mind listening, but, if I talk about something, I want them to listen, too! Sometimes I have stories, as well. And if you don't have something good to talk about, you better damn well at least TRY to care about what I'm saying, at least I'm trying!


I'm so mad and stressed about this right now. I feel like all my current relationships with people are shallow, and my actual relationships are very sexual based. How sad. Doesn't anybody want to talk about video games and art and science and funny stuff and yay? I just want a good friend...

What I would do for you, would you do for me?


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I'm like the same way, never heard always listening, it kinda really sucks, but I'm the kind of person that really doesn't care if I'm happy or not, which is sad, but true, as long as others are happy, I'm content. Thats not a very good virtue to have, but shit, I can't help it. I don't like it when people are irritated or andry or sad because of or at me, so I make them happy and all is good. The rotation need not get messed up more then necissary, BUT I don't think your like that, you should speak up and break out of the glass box, because even if you end up getting cut, someone always has a bandaid, or stitches, in the more serious cases. I for one have no problem listening, :) I'm actually happier with listening, I don't like talking about me. So if you ever need someone to talk about video games, I am so down XD cause I need to up my skittles on them anyhow. so you can PM me on here, or e mail me, if you want, cause thats an easier way to get a hold of me <3 I hope you feel better


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oh. that feeling. it's been

oh. that feeling. it's been like that for me ever since i was little so. yeah.


listen to: to the sky by owl city (i've been listening to it nonstop)

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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*super hug of death*

Thanks, hun :) I love Owl City~ Never heard this song before, it's awesome! :D Thank you!!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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i'm going through an owl

i'm going through an owl city phase right now, but i've always loved it :)
to the sky is new. it's in ledgend of the gaurdians: the owls of ga'hoole ^^


You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I can relate a whole lot.

I always felt like my friends were so used to me being in the background always listening that when I spoke up they just sorta ignored it like it wasn't important. Similar thing with this one girl I became friends with in high school. Her friends treated her like shit but I was nice to her and I was then treated like shit by her while she chased after them for attention.

People are confusing. :/

Let's get one thing straight: I'm not.