the unexpected things.. somtimes are the most beauitful.

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I hung out with this girl i met at famous footwear, we had like a 30 minute conversation about shoes , so decided to meet at starbucks today. Anyway.. it was so awsome, i didnt know she was gay, but she deffinatly was hinting at it. No moves were made, but i could feel friction between our legs that were so close under the tabel. theres somthing there. its exciting and scary.

This means so much as to what it can turn into. The biggest issue is the lettting go of somthing i never want to be rid of, even if i know its almost non-existant, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. i think ill lye low. but today was beautiful in such a simple way.


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That's awesome!! I say go

That's awesome!! I say go for it. What do you have to lose?

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i know it seems like that!

i know it seems like that! ahh theres so much good. its just like. i dont want her to be a rebound if i start to date her. because ripping away from the girl i loved for so long is so hard as it is. i dont want to like her just to fill a space i want to like her because I DO like her. you know? and theres a very thin line between the two.

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I totally know what you

I totally know what you mean. The line can be close, but you can also feel a difference. Like you can rebound if you know that the other person is willing even if you aren't feeling a strong connection. It sounds to me like you actually could like this girl. Take it slow, see if you're interested in hearing what she has to say, that you want to spend time with her, not just SOMEONE. You could hang out with her some more and if you're still having overwhelming feelings for your ex, maybe you still need more time. Or if you feel nothing for this new girl, then you have that answer too.

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Oh, I'm happy for you.

Oh, I'm happy for you. :)

nothing is permitted. everything is allowed.

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yea i know theres deffinatly

yea i know theres deffinatly a difference. i deffinatly care about this girl i wana know her, i want to earn her trust i want all these things. i just dont want to poke in so deep yet. i deffinatly need to be slow. Because things with the other girl (well call her haley) haley. Nothing was officaly ended. ive kind of been put on the back burner for her for now.. and i dk what that means for the future. and as much as i want to wait and be there the second she wants me i know thats not right not at all.. so bleh. i know i like this girl. im officaly going for it. :)