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I don't know if I've really displayed my absolute love for theater on here, but I do. I've always wanted to be part of it because I just enjoy it so damn much. I can't sing, though. Nor can I act. I could be prop girl?
But then it hit me today!


I could totally do that! What an amazing job that would be~ Plus, my high school has a really amazing drama team. We've won TONS of awards. Last year's productions were Into the Woods, You Can't Take it With You, and The Pajama Game. They were SO GOOD. I went and saw all of them :) Into the Woods was the best, though. I wonder what we'll do this year? I hope we do A Chorus Line because I've been addicted to those songs AGAIN and I really need to see this. Like seriously.

If I had more theater-loving friends to take to see stuff I would go more often, but I don't :( So any suggestions for AWESOME ones to look out for? I can get a car and a job soon so I'll be able to start going alone :)
And hell yeah, you know I'm gonna go to my school's ones, maybe even all of the showings XD

Oh well, love you guys~ <3