There was once a title, but I killed it.

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Irritating Girl told the teacher all about my burning hatred for chemistry. Luckily, she left out all the parts about Old Crush since doesn't know about that. Still, I thought I was gonna die. Why would she even do that!? I mean, she IS irritating, but seriously! That's downright cruel!

While we're on the topic of school, I am going to talk about something else that pisses me off. My English teacher feels the need to go over the fact that the first word of a sentence must start with a capital letter every single day. Umm, this is Honors 10th grade English, which, at my school, makes it 11th grade English under a different name. Surely by now one must know how to capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence. Now, I know that not everyone can have an iron grip on the rules of grammar, but is this really necessary? I am personally offended that she thinks this is necessary.

Ferrets wanted to know the story of how I, Super Duck, realized I was rainbowtastic. I will tell, probably in my next journal. I'm about to leave for school. :p

French Class Girl, with whom I am absolutely NOT secretly in love, wasn't in class. She had a soccer game, so nothing interesting happened. But now whenever I see her in the halls and such, thanks to you guys, I get all embarrassed. Thanks, guys. Thaaaanks.

Also, my mom randomly took my car for the whole day yesterday. I don't know where she went with it, but someone needs to tell her that she has a car for a reason, and that reason is not so it can sit in the driveway at home while she smokes and texts while driving in mine. My grandma asked if she could bring my mom's to town and switch so that I could drive mine. My mom REFUSED. This makes me rage a little.


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Perhaps you could arrange

Perhaps you could arrange for your mom to "lose" any keys she may have to your car.

And I think I learned that sentences start with capital letters at... elementary school age? I'm looser about it than I used to be — like in text and IM conversations — but if I have to write something important, I don't see how I could forget a rule that basic.

I'd still love to see (well, read about) you heading off to one of those early colleges for high schoolers next year, you know. You wouldn't have to be bored without FCG then... :-)

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There is only one set of

There is only one set of keys. I'm going to stop leaving them in my room.

She said the reason for this is because some freshmen in her other class wrote a paper in chatspeak. WHY someone would do this is beyond me.

I wish there were programs like that here...

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One set?

Not good! Always keep a duplicate in a secure location.

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I know... :( I definitely

I know... :( I definitely need to look into getting another set.

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once again....

i did not mean to cause any hurt feelings or embarrassment, i just wanted to share my views on the topic at hand, what i ment by my comment was that you seem to dislike her more at times than you do at other times... i never ment that you were secrectly in love with her.... i merely ment that on some level you love it as a friend, or as an aquantance or otherwise...the level is for you, and no one but you, to decide.once again i hope that you will please forgive me for any hurt feelings you may have had due to my comment....please?

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez and morticia addams
"look at him! i would kill for him! i would die for him! either way what bliss!"~gomez addams

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Your comment didn't really

Your comment didn't really offend me... I guess I do love her in a friend way, but I'm not IN love with her like SOME people ((cough Jeff cough)) insinuated. I don't want to like, be her girlfriend or anything.

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so, just for the record....

we're good? iz not p.o.'d at me? i hope not cuz i want all the friends i can get...i tend to make my friends hate me when i'm too honest.....

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez and morticia addams
"look at him! i would kill for him! i would die for him! either way what bliss!"~gomez addams

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Yes, we're good!

Yes, we're good!

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I don't think you're *secretly* in love with her at all. ;-)

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I am not IN love with her at

I am not IN love with her at all, secretly or otherwise! >:(

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Isn't denial usually the

Isn't denial usually the first phase of coming to realize you like someone? ;)

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:( I still don't like her.


I still don't like her.

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If this were a romantic comedy...

This would be the part where you start to slowly admit to yourself that you actually have been secretly in love with French Class Girl all along, only you've been in denial about it because she's a freakazoid and likes Irritating Girl.

Seriously though, sorry about the English class, that would make me nuts. (If it helps at all, at least your guidance consoler wasn't trying to get you to take English 1 after having taken Honors English 2, 3, and 4. But then the director of guidance was like "His Mythology class will count" so I didn't have to take English one. THANK GODS. I swear that guidance consoler didn't want me to graduate...)

And sorry about your mom. I know that'd piss me off if someone was smoking and texting while driving my car. :I That is, I would if I had a car...

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But thankfully, it isn't.

But thankfully, it isn't. :P

Why would you have to take English 1 after Honors English 2, 3, and 4? That counselor makes no sense.

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Sure it's

Sure it's not...


And I know right? Apparently it's a "required course" only... There are a ton of English classes, and I skipped Algebra 1 and Art 1 too, and she didn't try to get me to take those... Go figure.