Tomorrow is going to be sooooo boring.

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I am going to get that car this weekend. My mom is in bitch mode about it. She doesn't mind that I have the car, but she does mind that my dad invited his girlfriend to ride along, and my mom wanted to go herself. I don't really want my mom to go because she will inject drama into everything, smoke in my car, and possibly throw a fit about me driving home since it's a 2 hour drive. (And it's 2 hours of pure nothingness, actually, after you leave the city limits.) She has never bothered to ride with me for more than 5 minutes in the entire time I've had my permit, so she has no idea that I actually drive pretty well. She's just being a drama queen, I guess.

French Class Girl called herself ugly today. It was pretty awkward since everyone was just silent, and no one, not even Irritating Girl, tried to encourage her by telling her she wasn't. Uhh, let's just say that her face is... unlike any other. Yeah, that's a nice way to put it.

In other news, my history teacher is a little bit racist. She assumes that all white people are Christians and that no non-white people are. My best friend is Asian and a Buddhist. On, like, the very first day we started learning about stuff the Catholic church did, she looked at my friend and said something like, "Oh, you're Asian, so you're not Christian, are you?" My friend said no, and now the teacher speaks as if everyone in the room except my friend is, and she always singles my friend out whenever the book mentions the Catholic church. I was thinking about that today, and I really wish there would be an appropriate time for me to be all, "I am an atheist! Stop singling out [name]!"

Oh, and I saw Cute Biology Girl today! I haven't mentioned her in like, 1345263 years. I don't have any classes with her this year since she isn't in my chemistry class. (I guess she can't be Cute Biology Girl anymore since we don't take biology...) She was taking a test that she missed. She smiled at me. I'd forgotten how adorable she was. Haha. She has the same name as Old Crush, so I think we should switch the two of them.

Old Crush's boobs are still insanely distracting, by the way. Dammit. I do not want to look at them, but they're like... eye-magnets. No, it's like they're evil little voices whispering to me like this:

Boobs: Super Duck! Heyyy, Super Duck, look at us! Look! We might be attached to a stupid bitch, but we're AWESOME!
Me: No, Boobs! Nooo! I am trying to learn about these electrons and other stuff I don't give a shit about! Leave me alone!
Boobs: Never!

It's not fair. Also, we have another pep rally tomorrow. Gross. I still hate those things. Unfortunately, I fear they will get suspicious if I have a "doctor's appointment" or assorted health problems every time there's a pep rally. I hate how they're mandatory. People should be able to go home... It's not like I'm ditching English class or something.

Anyway, how about I talk about something I DON'T hate? I was looking through my iPod, which hasn't been updated since the 8th grade, and I found this random song on there I don't remember downloading. "Hall Of Mirrors" by The Distillers. I looked up some of their other stuff, and I really like it, but I especially like that one song.


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Just say you're an atheist.

Just say you're an atheist. =/ That doesn't sound like something that you'd really need an appropriate moment to do.

Oh and what's a pep rally? Like, actually. My mind conjures up girls doing cartwheels and lame cheers, but... y'know.

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Like... out of nowhere?

Like... out of nowhere?

Me: I'm an atheist.

Just about everyone in the class knows except the teacher. If she ever makes any more dumb comments, maybe I'll tell her.

A pep rally is a school-wide assembly in the gym on the day of a home football game. They vary from school to school, but mine are incredibly lame. The cheerleaders, very few of whom are hot, dance/cheer/whatever to the same songs every single time. There is usually a lame game that people are picked randomly for, which can be embarrassing as hell. Then you have to go back to the class you were in before the pep rally and let the teacher count you to make sure that no one ditched it.

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History Teacher...

...lacks tact and social skills. I suspect that her religion supports (and even encourages) this :(

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I know. :( I can't believe

I know. :( I can't believe she finds her actions appropriate. She is very Catholic and always mentions this.

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mmm. the distillers. their

mmm. the distillers.
their one song has my name in it (:
and i find brody - the lead singer - weirdly attractive. i love her voiceee.

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Gasp! Someone else likes

Gasp! Someone else likes them? :D

I like her voice too. There's just something awesome about it.