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I don't know what to be jealous about.

Everything about today was fabulous- The smell of cotton candy, smokers cooking pork to be mixed with barbeque sauce, grilled meats, hot dogs, and the fresh sea air (mixed, of course, with the fishy-but-yet-not smell of sundried seaweed), the music loud and the waves lapping against the rocky shore, and the crowds of people bustling to look at the hand-made crafts of beautiful colors of all sort.

I love fairs. It was amazing, how just when I started becoming upset because they were mad at me (Which was really stupid anyways) you called to say you were coming. I was amazed. All day you tried to come, but you were grounded; you wrote an apology letter, you still couldn't; I saw your dad and suprisingly he hugged me, you were nowhere in sight.
But you came
You came anyways.
I don't know how, you didn't say, but it was like everything just sort of righted itself and then my heart soared.

You've always had that effect on me. I wonder how you do it, you make and break me. The greatest tease is that you're so close and yet you're so far, like the moon in the sky; I don't know what to do.

I wonder, is it me, that repels you from the one touch I want? I remember this part a little well, the story's the same. I'm scared to ask. Will the ending, also, remain the same?

I'm trying to understand your Psychology, and it's so difficult. There's things I never knew about you because I never thought to try and figure them out.

Patience, I guess.