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Lol Super Duck I'm stealing your thing :P

But she's like alhkrsopthsrkts AWESOME, and she dresses sorta like me and she seems really shy, and she talks to the teacher and the way her laugh is just so adorable and gah, I want to be her friend! She's always alone and she sits near me, so maybe I'll say hi... Sort of... I don't know XD

She is the cutest little thing I've ever seen, mah god <3 I wanna leave a sticky note on her desk that says "So you don't know me, but I sit right in front of you and I'm a Freshman and alone in this class so I'm really nervous, but you seem nice, so hi :)"


On a side note...
Anybody play the game Borderlands? I just got to level thirty in it. It's addictingly fun and I played it for like, six hours on Sunday (Not even kidding. Six hours.)

Trigonometry Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl~


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...there can only be one! I

...there can only be one! I think Super Duck has the monopoly on the "______ Girl" thingie XD

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Hahaha, I know XD

But I don't know her name yet!! D: What else do I call her? Blonde-really-pretty-girl-I-know?
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Err... that works. BRPGIK?

Err... that works. BRPGIK? Pronounced "berp-gick".

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Don't sticky note

Just talk to her! =]