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I've finally got the hang of Tumblr (http://gentleobsession.tumblr.com). Who's got one? I love how easy it is to post stuff, but where do people find places to stream music from? Any ideas?

Annndd I'm making a mess of my post on Dragon Age: Origins, but I'm too tired to fix it up all nice.

I wanna do some caps of my epic romance from Dragon Age and some other lesbionic things and post them up. That's if I can find the time and energy, anyways.

Lately my nightly/early morning routine has been:

2 episode of Six Feet Under
2 hours or so of playing Dragon Age: Origins
2 or so hours on Tumblr and the rest of the internet. But mostly Tumblr lately.

This past weekend I also spent a lot of time watching clips of the Sophie/Sian romance that's happening on Coronation Street. Surprisingly, it's actually been really sweet and realistic so far. At least Corrie's actually letting them kiss and show affection. I'm so used to the American shows where they only seem to kiss, like, once a season. lol.

I have to take in this application for my big test by the 10th and I'm dragging my heels. I don't know why, I just am. I guess I'm intent on screwing up my life. But then, I already knew that.


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Music on tumblr

Well I know you can upload a music file on Tumblr like once a day, if you download stuff. So thats a way haha.

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Oh and mind if I follow you?

Oh and mind if I follow you?

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Why certainly. I'd love to have you follow me :)

And let me know who you are so I can follow back.

And as far as the music thing goes...I was wondering about streaming because there's an option to put in a URL instead of uploading the song, so I'm wondering where people are getting these URLs. It would be a lot easier and better than me having to upload songs.

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"

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Yea, me too I guess it is

Yea, me too I guess it is mostly things people have downloaded and put up asa file but I tried using a Pandora url and that didn't work so I'm not exactly how that whole thing goes. I'm twodown.tumblr.com

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Followed you. Yeah, to

Followed you.
Yeah, to stream music you have to download + upload it, otherwise post youtube videos.

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And, yep, Youtube's been what I've been using.

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"

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i joined tumblr under a

i joined tumblr under a month ago, and it's taken over MY LIFEE.

i honestly don't visit anything else. its tumblr, here, then links that tumblr users have posted.

and once my account friggin logs in, i'll be following you too. :P i'm the one with all the Skins shit on my page.

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Oh, I've had one since February

But I hadn't really got into it until the past couple weeks, I guess. I found some neat tumblrs, like that QueerSecrets one you posted about a while ago, and I haven't looked back. It's a great site.

And I look forward to your follow and the Skins stuff :)

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"