Unless he is mistaken, Chad is getting a job

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Responsibility has really hopped up for me in the last little bit of life I've just lived. But I'm coming to terms with it, and sooner than I would expect.
In 8th grade, best grade EVAR, we had like half an hour, MAYBE 45 minutes of homework a night. I had that, then maybe a couple swim practices, dryland, and luxury.
And high school is so much less fun. I mean, I do love it, but in 8th grade gifted program everyone knew everyone else and we all knew and loved the teachers, and we had fun to the stars in those classes.

And all of a sudden, it's just okay. I don't really know any of my teachers, and I'm not sure if I'll get to. There's a lot less casual interaction. I still have a lot of fun at school, cause all the teachers are nice and things, except Ms. Chemistry is a little bleh. But it's a lot more business, and then homework.
So now I have all that swimming, and soccer practice, and piano practicing, and now I have anywhere from 1 1/2- 3 1/2 hours of homework a night.
Orchestra is really my favorite class because Mr. Orchestra still makes the class fun, and I actually discuss things not related to the subject.
In trig, when I discuss with, let's call her Cheese Pizza, (this is based on her name) it's always like " how long did you spend on the homework? Like 4 hours!
What did you get for this problem?
Oh, I got that too!"
In Orchestra, I actually talk with Hannah and Shelby and peeps, and stare at Zach, the hot bassist. And actually have conversation.

Also, I've had an influx of swimming. I've been doing more dryland, and Patty, head coach, is always giving me more things to do, as I become one of the more senior members.
I'm now one of the fastest, oldest, and very soon will be the longest running swim team member.
We've absorbed a new swim team, so now we have almost 90 kids, and we've gone from 3 to 8 coaches.
I remember the days of 20 kids and 2 coaches!
Also, all the girls are swimming for high school now (guys season starts December I think) so all the teachers are gone, so she's making me do teaching, which I'm not good at. It was just 3 years ago when I was getting taught myself!
I was unhappy yesterday, because I was teaching past 8, although I had an adorable little tiny kid.

But today I taught a girl going into 5th grade, and I wasn't able to be as cheerful as I should have been, because of this hard week.
But Patty wants me to teach her and get her up to the level where she can enter the White Group class.
So, I think I'm signing papers on Monday, and getting a job. I don't know what it pays, probably not very much...

But I feel so old now! I'm only like 14!
But, all this work is rapidly starting to get easier. I'm so optimistic now for the rest of the year. If it's starting to get easier now, imagine how amazing I'll be at the end of the year!


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itll be great by the end of the year. youll get your homework don i nthree minutes, and youll have your first boy interactions done. and youll probley find a guy at your school thats sweet on you :)

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Very impressed with the careful choice of words.

Especially: interactions.

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Being thrown into a new

Being thrown into a new environment is almost always difficult at first. You'll do fine. Things'll get easier, and then you'll be used to it until you graduate, and then you'll go through the same process again in college. :P

And Pffff, You can't say you feel old, you're just starting in High School! You ain't seen nothing yet. :P

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Old at 14?!

Jeez, I could have a 14 year old...

Err, as a son, I mean. Perverts! ;-)

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