Well. Umm. Okay.

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So today I started high school, which was overwhelming.

And I learned that my crush is crushing on a guy, and seems straight, but half of the friends she introduced me to totally set of my gaydar, thus proving the possibilities available in high school. I know she's not crushing on me, which is sad, but what I was expecting, so not too sad, and I'm actually excited about the prospects of meeting people who have an increased likelihood of crushing on me when I crush on them and perhaps more relevantly, understand what it's like to not be straight. High school could be good.


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Honestly, high school is

Honestly, high school is both a blessing and a curse for gays. I know that personally, it was like diving head first into an ocean when I'd spent my whole life in a kiddie pool. It was amazing (and slightly terrifying) to meet other out gay kids my age but it came with a feeling of....vertigo. You may find that it's freeing but also like you've been spun onto your head. I found it was a good way for me to open up and express myself more and become more open with my sexuality because I had other people like me around, when I had been the only out gay kid in my whole middle school. I think you'll find it to be a really good experience if you keep your head up and your wits about you. <3

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i totally agree with sio

i totally agree with sio :p

but honestly, i found out about my queerness what i was...summer or sophomore year, so :/

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