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Old Crush in a swimming suit. Why, facebook? Just... WHY? That's not even fair. I wonder how mad she'd get if I went up to her on Monday and just totally felt her up. Just ONCE. I'd do it for old curiosity and, of course, great justice. Then I'd never do it again, but I wouldn't apologize because she's an evil bitchface who likes breaking pathetic little 12-year-old hearts. I wonder how hard I'd get slapped and if it would be worth it. Why does she have to be so disgusting yet so physically perfect?

Ewww, never mind, I am not in drool mode anymore! I just accidentally saw some hardcore French Class Girl cleavage. Worst picture ever. That has got to be the nastiest thing ever. That is more of the freakazoid than I ever, ever wanted to see. Wow, that is worse than when my old, wrinkly teachers wear low-cut shirts. FCG, I am a huge fan of your stupidity, and I am a huge fan of boobs, but I am not at all a fan of your boobs. For the love of puppies and rainbows, keep 'em in your shirt!

Speaking of FCG, she practically molested some poor, unfortunate girl today. She was tightly squeezing her, refusing to let her go, and dragging her along with her. The principal did nothing. Then a guy hugged his (female) friend. The principal freaked out and physically separated them. FCG getting her grope on is totally okay, but friendly hugs are bad, evil, and immoral. Someone in this equation is pathetically stupid.

I totally bombed my algebra test today. I thought I had everything down until I got to the second page. All I could think then was, "What is this douchebaggery?" I hate math.

Do you know what else I hate? Google Instant. It makes my internet laggy. I try to turn it off, but it goes back every time I close out Firefox, then open a new window.

Anyway, gonna get that car tomorrow! YES.


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I love that phrase!

FCG getting her grope on is totally okay, but friendly hugs are bad, evil, and immoral.

No one escapes from life alive

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Haha, well, that's how the

Haha, well, that's how the principal apparently sees things. Haha, I'm sure he wouldn't be so lenient if someone told him that his daughter hangs out with FCG!

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...i think you shoould still feel her up and see what happens, hahaha

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Ahh, I should! Her reaction

Ahh, I should! Her reaction would be priceless. I wouldn't even say anything to her. I'd just walk up and get my grope on like FCG would.