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I got that title from the instant title generator, but it's a fact!

Last night was Homecoming. I didn't go. (I went last year and quickly discovered that school dances are NOT a good place for Super Ducks.) Some of my friends did, however, go, and I had them text me if anything interesting happened. I didn't get very many texts, but apparently, French Class Girl spent quite some time standing aimlessly beside Irritating Girl. They also fixed each other's hair. Ooooh~! Besides the hair fixing, she never did anything to her except talk. She just stood there with her. Oh, FCG, you should've asked her to dance with you, silly! Also, someone desperately needs to upload some pictures. My friend's description of FCG's outfit sounded utterly ridiculous. I have to see this for myself.

I just got back from 3 hours of grocery shopping. God, my mom should be banned from all types of shopping. We went to get milk, chicken, and one other item, and we spent 3 hours in there. The trunk of my car was literally crammed full.

At the grocery store, I think I saw my 8th grade English teacher. She didn't see me, though. I didn't say anything because I wasn't entirely sure it was her, and at the end of 8th grade when she moved, she was getting married, and I only know her maiden name. Every one of my English teachers since then have been pathetic failures in comparison to her. She might actually be one of my favorite teachers in general that I've ever had. Sure, she did a few douchebaggy things like giving the entire class detention once, but she was a great teacher, and she loved me to death and gave me 100s on just about every paper, even though she "didn't give 100s."

Before that, there was tons of drama because my mom called my dad and made him come with us. I hate it when they go anywhere together. It's awkward. How dare they try to tell me they're "still a family?" They were never a "family," even when they were married. They've hated each otehr for as long as I can remember. I mentioned to my 7-year-old brat sister that them both going would be awkward, and she ran off and tattled. My dad got all offended. I turned to the little bitch and said, "Thanks." She then cried because of my tone of voice, and my mom made me apologize. I can't deal with little kids, especially ones like her.

I'm still waiting on that picture of FCG's hilarious outfit.


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Will you post the picture here when you get it?

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Which picture? The one of

Which picture? The one of FCG's apparently-insane outfit? (I don't have the picture yet, so I don't know what it looks like.) No, I can't do that! It would be hilarious, and I'd love to, but I'm afraid I can't do it. Posting her on Oasis would kinda defeat the purpose of her having a codename and everything... But damn, it would be soooo funny!

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You could photoshop her face

You could photoshop her face out of it, just the apparently-insane outfit...
That would defeat the purpose, though...

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If you see FCG, then you

If you see FCG, then you HAVE to see her face, or else you might accidentally think she's attractive. One of my friends thought she was soooo hot... until he took a good look at her face. Sadly, even I am not mean enough to post FCG's face on my public Oasis journal. D:

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You could subtly redirect us

You could subtly redirect us on facebook?

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Hmm... That I could. I just

Hmm... That I could. I just need the seniors to post their freaking Homecoming pictures already ajfksdjfkjsdkfh