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Dear Mrs. History Teacher,

You know, there are a lot of things I don't like about you. Insinuating that atheism is merely an adolescent phase was NOT cool. Practically comparing homosexuality to cutting off little boys' balls so their voice doesn't deepen and they can sing higher was also very, very uncool. Sorry, but you have absolutely no concept of tact. I hate it when you single out people who are different races than you. I have no idea what you meant by my friend's "old country" today since she was born in America. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. She is from a different country than you. You, Mrs. History Teacher, were born on the Isle of Shitforbrains. No wonder French Class Girl liked you! You guys are from the same place! You also say that the fact that society is becoming less religious will lead to terrible things. Guess what? I'm an atheist AND a good person! I don't need a god to be good.

But what REALLY gets me is your glaring hypocrisy. You were mad today because we didn't finish reading our handouts you gave us yesterday. That was roughly 20 pages! I told you, "I'm sorry. I started, but I have other classes too." You were thoroughly displeased. Well, maybe I am thoroughly displeased with YOU. And I swear if your "little quiz" you're giving just to be an asshole tomorrow messes up my B average and forces me into another 2 months of the Nazi bootcamp study hall that I can't even study in, my therapist bill will be on YOU when I break down.

No love,
Super Duck

You know what? I'm in tears anyway. I can't stand school. I can't stand my teachers when they treat me like I'm 6 or the meaningless classes I have to take. It used to be the other students that made me hate it so much, but now no one is mean to me. It's everything else. I don't go to learn. I go because I have to. I don't give a shit about anything they are trying to teach me. Thinking about how I still have the rest of this year, then junior and senior years left to go just makes me physically sick. Maybe they will let me take some stuff during the summer this year and next year to get it out of the way. That's how much I fucking hate it. I am more than willing to sacrifice the next 2 summers of my life just to get out of here if at all possible. One of my teachers said you can drop out at 16. If it wouldn't fuck up my job chances, I swear I'd leave school for good in a little under a month. That's the only thing keeping me there. If I could still get a decent job, I'd get out and never look back. I mean it.

In other news, I believe there is an animal in my attic. I am completely alone for the weekend. My mom will be at a high school reunion 5 hours away. If it dies, it's gonna stink up the entire place. It makes freaky scratching noises. Maybe I can get my dad to come over and check it out tomorrow.

FCG was... herself today. She was no longer upset over that guy calling her ugly. Instead, she said that Irritating Girl knows her "very, very well" with a slight hint of suggestiveness in her voice. Ohhh, she is so gay. Hahaha, I love it! But then she had to go and pretend to think some guy was hot. It's not even funny anymore. It's just annoying. It sounds so forced, and it makes me slightly uneasy. It's like, stop even trying, FCG. Everyone knows you're gay, and that's the way we like you. And if there's anyone out there who doesn't like it, you should tell them to kiss your ass. Plain and simple.

Also, some random freshman I've never talked to in my life came up to me today and asked me if I was dating this one guy just because he's my friend. Even if I was straight, assuming I'm dating someone just because I talked to them in the hallway is beyond stupid. It's silly, but I really, really, really hate it when people assume I'm straight. I know they only do that because most people are, but it still makes me mad for some reason. But it's like, EVERYONE! Old people ask me why I don't have a boyfriend "yet." Well-meaning classmates who haven't gotten the memo ask me what kind of guy I like. My friend who I have literally said some variant of "I'm a raging homosexual" to at least 20 times still believes I'm completely straight. I guess it's bothering me because they are assuming I'm someone I'm not. It makes me want to tape a giant sign on my back that says, "I LOVE WOMEN!"

Anyway, I'm drying my tears and going back to my history homework. If I can't memorize all of this gobbledygook by tomorrow, the shit is gonna hit the fan. I want to throw up just thinking about it.


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Dude, i totally understand

Dude, i totally understand all of what you're saying. the high school being hell and being so sick of everything.

feel free to PM me. ill be here prollly for another few hours, at my computer - i mean, so i'll be around if you wanna chat.

its better to dry out your tears on someone else's shoulders, anyway .

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I probably will PM you soon.

I probably will PM you soon. Talking about things always helps me.

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Let me hug you. You need a

Let me hug you. You need a hug.
~ "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."
You'll never know I love you, but I hope you feel it all the same.

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:( Yes, yes I do. Thank you.

:( Yes, yes I do. Thank you.

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Oogh, your history teacher

Oogh, your history teacher sounds awful. Then again, my old English teacher was at the other extreme of the spectrum, and she was just as awful. In her mind it's not okay to be a white, straight, right-handed, Protestant, American-born male, because they have too many privileges in society and need to be held back, and probably also punished for all the crimes committed by their white, straight, right-handed, Protestant, American-born male ancestors. Oh. And definitely not okay to be a Republican, they're just plain evil. And they're all white, straight, right-handed, Protestant, American-born old rich men too. Sheer evil. Kill them all. Or better yet, convert them, forcibly, without torture of course because they all love torture and we're better than they are so we can't use torture. But you've all got to keep an open mind, kids, keep an open mind and don't take any bullshit from anybody (yes, she used the word bullshit in class, and also stood on the desks), especially if you're a girl and the evil men of the world are trying to hold you back because you're a girl. Open minds, kids, open minds. Because only evil Republican old rich white guys have closed minds. Her attitude, not mine. Even though I'm not straight, male, right-handed, or Protestant, or old for that matter, I don't think people who are are evil or especially overprivileged. So yeah. Both extremes are horrible.

Anyway.... "It's like, stop even trying, FCG. Everyone knows you're gay, and that's the way we like you." That's the way we like you. Like. French Class Girl. You, Super Duck, have just been caught red-handed.

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Yeah, I don't really like

Yeah, I don't really like extremism of any kind. I don't see why we can't all just get along. :P Although it would be pretty funny to lock my history teacher and your former English teacher alone in a room together. Silly extremists.


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About the liking: Yeah, I

About the liking: Yeah, I know, it was a joke, and you probably knew that it was a joke, but just in case it wasn't clear, that was a joke.

About the teachers: They would kill each other. Both would be dead when the room was unlocked, and there would be blood everywhere.

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May I give unrequested advice again?

GED. Here's the Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Educational_Development

It's equivalent to a high school diploma. My sister got one. (She was homeschooled as opposed to dropping out, but still.) You should be able to get a job and/or enroll in college with one of those.

You are welcome to PM me as well, though I don't know if my input would be of much help. :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Really? I mean, I knew it

Really? I mean, I knew it was possible to get a GED, but I didn't really know what you could do with it. I seriously might have to look into that if things get any worse...

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I am so sorry D:

I know I'm awful busy lately and can't talk to you that much :( But if things get really bad like this, please email me! I really care <3

And no, I'm completely serious when I say that if your school sucks so bad when FCG leaves, you can come up here. I don't want you to suffer, and WA is pretty amazing compared to MS...

I hope things get better... I love you! You're the best D:

So does that mean you're gonna kiss FCG's ass? If you don't like her... :P
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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I'd love to just run away

I'd love to just run away and go up there! Really, I mean it. I can't staaaand it here. Ugh.

I love you too! :D AND NO, I WOULDN'T KISS FCG'S ASS FOR ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD! I meant that if anyone had a problem with her level of gayness, they should kiss her ass, and I quite obviously have no issue with teh gaaaay.

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ok...my turn to comfort....

i'm sorry that your teacher is a complete and total idjet, and i'm sorry that fcg is a total closet case, and i'm sorry i haven't given you my emergency e-mail yet....please use this in extreme emergencys only...(like you have a hangnail, or want a cup of tea or just woke up with the biggest hangover of your life...you know the REAL emergancys.....lol) it's jac902008@hotmail.com (please put problem in subject line...if too hard to specify just put "therapist is needed!")

"to live a day alone, only THAT would be torture! An hour without you, only THAT would be death!" ~gomez and morticia addams
"look at him! i would kill for him! i would die for him! either way what bliss!"~gomez addams

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Thank you! I shall remember

Thank you! I shall remember it.