Being Bi-sexual : )

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I am an 18 year old bi-sexual boy :) I am completely out and have been for years. I knew something was up with me when I was 7 years old (yeah I know pretty young). Since that time, all through primary school and most of high school I never really addressed it; I was just too young I think and I basically just wanted to be a kid and enjoy my childhood.

I'd found girls attractive but when I was 15 I got my first boyfriend of sorts. Before he came into my life, I never really took the time to properly consider what it would be liek to be with another male. We both actively went to the gym at our high school, so we were pretty ripped ;) Basically what we had was 'puppy love' and it was cute and fun while it lasted. We never actually had sex; our experimental relationship was more emotionally driven with a few small sexual experiences. After a few months he just stopped talking to me all together and told me he was straight (but in school people had been spreading rumours about the two of us and it finally got to him; he didn't wanna be labeled as a 'faggot'). I decided to address the rumours head on and came out as 'bi-sexual'. I was met with varied responses - some people loved it, others not so much. Because of the narrow-mindedness of highschool I never really had many more experiences with guys; not until I finally graduated end of last year. I'd been with mostly women, but since being at Uni I've had my fair share of gay drunken hook-ups and minor sexual encounters; enough to spark my interest to want to date a bloke (properly this time). Two months ago I met another bi-sexual boy, who's my age, but unlike me he isn't out about it yet and is too afraid to be. I'm really into him and I hope I can help him come to terms with his sexuality.

Reading all these stories on here I find it so inspiring. I am surprised at the amount of guys out there who do have these bi-curious tendencies and are too afraid to address them. Reading about these experiences they should realise that they shouldn't be afraid :P So I just wanted to post this little story of mine up to hopefully encourage other bi-curious/gay guys to face what they're afraid of/ break social norms/ have fun! haha The ability to love people is a gift not a curse :) Xx

PS - Love doesn't discriminate; it is a universal emotional that can bring any two people together regardless of their gender or orientation <3


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Oh yeah, and feel free to

Oh yeah, and feel free to message me on this thing if you do need someone to talk to :) OR just e-mail me - I love helping people and no one is ever a burden.


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Welcome to Oasis, first

Welcome to Oasis, first off.
"I am surprised at the amount of guys out there who do have these bi-curious tendencies and are too afraid to address them."

Hah, the only guys I've been with who have strictly "bi-curious" tendencies have been guys with girlfriends... strange how that happens.

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I've hooked up with quite a

I've hooked up with quite a few guys who identify as straight and yet just wanna 'try stuff'. The guys who had girlfriends, the girlfriends wanted to see their boyfriend kiss a guy 'cause they think it's 'hot' lol. I find that strangely funny haha. It's a funny world we live in : )


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glad to have you here :)

furthermore, does you like ferrets?

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Thaaanks :) And ... ferrets?

Thaaanks :)

And ... ferrets? Hmm Can't say I've really given it much thought lol :P


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random....can we talk?would

random....can we talk?would you mind?

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Not at all : ) Send me a

Not at all : ) Send me a message yeah?